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  1. My fault. I meant to say "Player" option. If he can become a starter that's even better. If the rockets are serious about competing and Morey regretting the penny pinch save money approach, he should go all in for Bazemore. Houston's window is RIGHT NOW. Fork up a first rd pick and Atlanta will bite. I'd hate to see him rot on the bench this year if nothing happens with Atlanta. And to all the Bazemore fantasy owners lets hope 2019 brings us this joy. Happy Holidays to all.
  2. What team would be a good fit for baze? I can see Houston going for him since they missed out on Ariza, but he'll come off the bench which is what we don't want. Getting traded however may be a long shot since he has a team option that he'll pick up next year at 19m.
  3. Just wanted to say the 2 most famous words.... Drop City.
  4. Pretty sure this means hes being sent to the dog house after this. You dont shrug the coach off when hes talking to you. This alone and the ramifications that come with it gives me the go ahead to finally drop him.
  5. Neurogenic (neurological) thoracic outlet syndrome. This form of thoracic outlet syndromeis characterized by compression of the brachial plexus. The brachial plexus is a network of nerves that come from your spinal cord and control muscle movements and sensation in your shoulder, arm and hand.Aug 27, 2016
  6. Somebody please tell me if i should still keep this guy? Is there light at the end of tunnel? Im having a tough time coming to grips with dropping the Bazegod. Somewhere over the rainbow i can only wish he his minutes/usage rate gets higher. If not BUY HIM OUT ATLANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Portis and Dunn going through full contact (via @CmBrallier03) New coach Jim Boylen says Kris Dunn and Bobby Portis are scrimmaging with the Windy City Bulls today and are participating in full contact practice. Looks like the roster will be back to full strength fairly soon #BullsNation ⁠ ⁠ Kris Dunn & Bobby Portis scrimmaging with Windy City Bulls today. Boylen said there is no set timeline, but will re-evaluate after full contact practice. #Bulls https://pippenainteasy.com/2018/12/04/chicago-bulls-portis-dunn-going-full-contact/
  8. A major confidence booster. Dont look back. Definitely the time to pick up now. Doing this against the beasts of Milwuakee is the best thing to happen to this kid. “This was a big game for me, I grew up today,” said Knox — who shot 9-for-20, including 5-for-12 from 3-point range, with four rebounds, four assists, one steal and one block over 37 minutes off the bench. “Just being able to be out there in the fourth quarter, overtime, a big-time game against a big-time playoff team, it was good for me to be out there and learn from that.” “Fiz is always going to have conf
  9. The problem isn't the minutes. I know for sure he can get the minutes later, but its the inability to stay on the floor with all these fouls thats going to make it difficult for him to stay on the court with his RAW skills. Fast foward to all star break, sure he'll start again and they begin the full tank mode is all fine and dandy. Can he stay on the floor tho?
  10. Dear Mikal Bridges. Mistakes are growing pains of wisdom. Struggle now my young padawan. You will soon blossom. Hold tight guys. We will be rewarded through patience!
  11. This guy is balling. 6th man doing him wonders. Hes locked in!
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