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  1. I got him at the end of r4. A bit of a reach but I play punt Point and punt FT so he's a perfect fit. I count on him to give me all the counting stats!
  2. I think he has upside. The team knows he is their best shooter and will use him more. He also produces in rebound and some defensive stats, FT and low TO
  3. He will blossom this year. He is heads and shoulders above the dsj and payton
  4. Why isnt he starting? Quite puzzling to see snell and brown struggling so much on offense while benching kennard
  5. https://www.detroitbadboys.com/2019/10/23/20928000/detroit-pistons-luke-kennard-player-preview Fyi guys, note his performance during playoffs and also his efficiency as a shooter at almost 40% from 3pt range in the past two years. I agree with u above for the most part and have added him. Based on this team roster, Casey would be hard pressed not to put him as the 3rd option as the worst case behind drum and BG. Drose can score but he needs a shooter for spacing so that he can drive. It's not crazy to think he can be this year's Buddy Hield. He just need the opportunity. Alread
  6. I play in a league in which we can keep two players at a carrying cost of where the player was drafted last year. I got buddy at r8 and doncic and r6, and am debating whom to keep. Indeed buddy doesnt provide enough stocks and assist, but he is a stud in the remaining cats, AND he doesnt miss games. I don't think it is too crazy to compare him against Klay whom we will draft in 3rd rd. And if u look carefully buddy actually has a much better FT than klay. Interesting klay and buddy have v similar yahoo season rank in the twenties. So I am leaning towards keeping hield t
  7. Bbm adjusted him up after the harry b trade. Good ROS value
  8. just dropped danny green for mikal. same type of stat build but the difference is that green is trending down while mikal is trending up throughout the season. think his ROS outlook is bright. already top 100 currently
  9. He is quietly producing in the past two weeks. Can grab him and see what happens.
  10. No6 player in 9 cat league this month according yahoo folks. I got him in 3rd rd for my punt assist build, hopefully he can finish as a top 30 player this season
  11. This guy has to be owned in more than 20ish% in yahoo. He already gets standard league value in 20mins. With coach and teammates raving about his performance, maybe eventually coach with give him some PF mins in addition to his current workload. He used to play PF in sixers and has shooting range out to 3pt line
  12. Speaking of assists he finally got double digits assists for the first time while holding down his TO. Would be a really nice line if he made couple more shots from field!
  13. Dropped wes matthews for this guy. His ability to fill the stat sheet with nice shooting efficiency is rare for a rookie
  14. I like his potential. Him and Bam are in similar situation, probably Bam has more upside though as sometimes coach the match up.
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