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  1. This is exactly how it will be. I wouldn't be surprised if Howie traded Smallwood to Buffalo for one if their three LT. If anyone can pull it off, it's Howie.
  2. Sproules in getting xray on his wrist.
  3. I miss Shady so much he would have been great in this Eagles offense and they have no run game now. He's so wasted in Buffalo. I despise Chip Kelly. I still can't believe he got traded for Kiko Alonso. I wish he could get traded back to Philly then you would never have to worry about taking him out of your lineup.
  4. He's just so consistent. I was targeting him and so glad when he fell to me. I had guys like Cousins and Wentz getting drafted before him. You just plug him in your lineup for his at least 25 points per week with a few monster weeks thrown in. He doesn't run hot and cold like some others. The only week I may not start him is against Denver and have Siemian for that and his bye.
  5. I have Crosby who has done nothing and thinking about picking up Parkay and then don't have to worry about any bye weeks the rest of the season.
  6. I love Zach Ertz and he is collecting dust on this guy's bench since he also drafted Kelce. I'm weak at TE. I was thinking about offering Henry for him since he's weak at RB. Would that be a fair offer? I'm not experienced with trades so never know if I'm giving/getting correct value so don't really make them.
  7. I'm up by 10. He has Tate and Giants D. I think I'm screwed.
  8. Need to start two on my team. Standard scoring: M Bryant K Benjamin C Coleman K Golladay C Kupp
  9. Same situation. I put him on my bench because I think he will be valuable later in the season and grabbed Clay off waivers and starting him this week.
  10. I agree the only place he could have gone is maybe NYG.
  11. I'm not dropping because he's talented and I think as the year goes on he will be much more involved in the offense. I am going to get Charles Clay off the waiver wire for the time being though.
  12. He's an easy drop for me. He's shot and in a bad situation. I'd rather get someone off the waiver wire with some upside like Cohen, Mack, Kupp or another TE in my case.
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