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  1. Is he a drop? Still have Stewert and Gafford on wire ?
  2. Chance at what? Lol playoffs ? Just makes it worse for franchise
  3. Dropped for Gafford. Can’t afford to wait for this dude anymore with playoffs starting tomorrow.
  4. Overall, great update. Like not best case scenario (back next game), but far from worst case (week to week) legoooooooooo
  5. Traded him for Fox 2 weeks ago on the advice of Josh Lloyd thanks sir.
  6. Everyone say your prayers to the Fantasy gods tonight to get that good Harden news tomorrow!
  7. probably for the remainder of season yes...Coby White is HOT garbage....no one else to start but Sato.
  8. nothing yet...but he looks happy on the bench lol.... fingers crossed for the update in 2 days!
  9. Tightness, but didn’t look serious Right? Like strained or anything ?
  10. He’s a beast. Will sit a game or 2 and be back. He’s was just chillin on the bench himself massaging his own leg lol...if it was even semi serious he’d be receiving treatment in the locker room not on the bench
  11. Need 10 rebs from this cat tonight to win my week. Held you through thick and thin, do me proud.
  12. So he just started on court work??? still needs to get cleared for contact, 3 on 3, 5 on 5 etc? how much longer this dude gonna take ?
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