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  1. Worth a look in 12 teamers? Or more as a wait and see....i have owned him many times and many times have been underwhelmed
  2. Remember all the doubters when he was traded in this thread LOL all quiet as a mouse now huh? Hahah clowns
  3. How the hell is TT still in the league...certified scrub.... Imagine being a coach/owner with someone like Rob Will on your team, and your god damn coach is playing TT more minutes all while you keep losing games consistently... Pathetic.
  4. dude is complete trash...what a waste of a pickup....
  5. This dude worth a look in 12 team leagues.....or no value once CJ/Nurk are back?
  6. Worth picking up if he’s on you wire..might not provide top 100 value, but probably better than most peoples worst guy in a 12+ league
  7. Stream? This dude aint leaving my team...the consistency so far has been 🔥
  8. Loving this dude...everyone sleeping.
  9. Anyone still holding this f**ktard?
  10. I mean, for a guy I plucked off the wire for free.....hes doing ok lol. Not sure why all the hate
  11. This season his upside will be super low....if he returns in 8 weeks or so, I am fairly sure they will ease him in VERY slowly (get his cardio back and just let him feel apart of the team for a few weeks)....next year tho, could see him beasting in IND... As far as fantasy goes, he's done for the year as far as I am concerned (still have him on my IR), but dropping the second something semi decent comes up in my 16 team league (right now best player no wire is Poetl.) lol
  12. When is LMA back? BBM has him projected to come back this Friday.
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