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  1. Definitely. It's all about staying healthy so he can develop some consistency. Needs to get better at finishing too. The Raptors solely focused on shutting him down the rest of the way and they were successful.
  2. Anyone who dropped Jrich was totally justified in doing so. I don’t get the point in calling people out on that. He was negatively impacting teams for weeks. i just couldn’t drop him due to what he’s done the past two fantasy playoffs. Hopefully his play is consistent. I have faith it is. Mcgruder is definitely a good player that Miami values. Keep in mind he was the expected starter before the injury.
  3. People drafted Myles expecting more, which is understandable. He's been similar to last season. Third season, without PG, everyone expected more, hence his 2nd round draft position. However, I don't think anyone expected Oladipo to breakout like this and he has earned being the man on the team. With all that said, Myles is starting to pick it up. I hope he continues progressing. I'm happy with how he's doing the past few weeks. Last season after the all star break, he really regressed, especially toward playoff time. Hopefully he breaks through that wall.
  4. How did he get this injury? Is there a video of it? This has been so random.
  5. Predicting OKC would struggle was not something rare. Plenty of people were skeptical. It was worth the gamble for OKC. Bumping old posts gloating about something plenty of people thought as well is just annoying. Come on man.
  6. He's been underwhelming so far even without the injuries. I hope you're right.
  7. For sure, but I'd temper expectations. He's never been consistent. He's young though. And what I meant by my initial comment was that he started off great in the first, but cooled off the rest of the game. The first quarter my have been an outlier. He also hit some crazy deep threes in this game. He was 3/10 two days ago.
  8. He started off 4/4, but finished 6/12. Worth picking up, but he's inconsistent and his fg% is erratic.
  9. The hype is only because the past two fantasy playoffs he has gone off and won a lot of people money. All of last year he was terrible, until the end when he was amazing.
  10. What was the package? Also, I'm surprised he was picked up from waivers. Even with how bad he was playing, I never considered dropping him. My wire has much worse players.
  11. Got you. I'm trying to get more, especially with how great he's been playing lately lol.
  12. I know this is AC stuff, but it's just relevant. Who have you been targeting? I'm high on Hood, especially with Hayward out. He is a player that totally plays on confidence. Right now he's super confident. The bench move was good for him it seems like. However, I am just weary of this dude. So weary, that I kind of want to use this sudden uptick to get a good consistent player.
  13. I want to sell high, but what offers are you guys looking at sending out? I have no idea.
  14. Would you guys look to deal him? He gives me gastric distress, but when he's on, he's on.
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