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  1. The people who got the first two picks watching this game
  2. 3 owners dropped him after his stinkfest when he came back from his injury. Picked him up in all 3 leagues. Gotta love it.
  3. Really needed a center and got this guy. Choo choo, motherf***ers.
  4. Derrick Henry's Highlights vs Ravens (2020)
  5. K. Drake after the fantasy playoffs
  6. First of all, congratulations are in order if you managed to win your league in 2019! If you're still waiting for SNF and MNF, good luck friends. If you managed to get the W, POST YOUR SQUADS HERE! Championship Squad (1/2 PPR, 10 TEAM): QB: R. Wilson WR: J. Jones WR: B. Perriman RB: L. Fournette RB: K. Drake TE: D. Waller FLEX: M. Boone K: J. Myers DEF: Indianapolis Notable drops/duds/losses: L. Bell (1st round), A. Brown (3rd round) My playoff MVP: K. Drake (easily)
  7. Who do I start for the ship? HALF PPR: D. Washington @LAC D. Lewis v NO K. Drake @SEA L. Bell v PIT
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