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  1. At this point you can't sell. You've gotta just ride it out unless you're desperate and riddled with injuries.
  2. Not sure what we're gonna do fellas...
  3. Me reading this and getting hyped pregame
  4. Probably gonna drop Cam for this dude this week. I don't really pay attention to the Bills offense, can he keep up this kind of protection ROS?
  5. How do we feel about starting him today against NYG?
  6. Hopefully they come back with better camera angles, sick of these 2K angles.
  7. Really hope Lindsay can take over RB duties like he did last year. At this point, both he and Freeman are bench players.
  8. How do you guys feel about starting him today?
  9. Putting Renfrow into my lineup like...
  10. Lol. Josh Gordon & AB for CO-SUPER BOWL MVPS.
  11. We all know what’s going to happen... AB’s going to NE and going to be CO-Super Bowl MVPs with “Flash” Gordon.
  12. I’ve never seen a buy low window open and close so many times within a 24 hour period.
  13. AB in and out of the starting lineup like
  14. Vowed to never draft Cook due to injury history, but today fantasy happened. How we feeling after the preseason?
  15. Gotta agree. Saquon/CMC/Kamara are all so close to me and being ahead by 2 picks in the second round can really be the deciding factor in getting an elite WR on top of that.
  16. 10 Team .5 PPR Is Tony Pollard worth the #1 waiver wire? I have Bell, Fournette and Duke as my current RBs. If so, who do I drop? Sutton, Guice, Breida or Justin Jackson
  17. How many players in your league and what round did he fall to you?
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