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  1. I would keep Knox as long as he’s hot but whenever a hot waiver comes up I’ll probably drop.
  2. 9-cat 12 team I trade: D. Russell, T. Satoransky, B. Portis I receive: D. Ayton, K. Knox Am I giving up way too much depth for Ayton? My team is pretty strong so I’d most likely drop Knox as well.
  3. Any good buy lows rn? All I can think of is Dipo and Lowry.
  4. Aldridge+Dinwiddie EDIT: Wouldn’t mind if KAT took the day off, don’t want him to reaggravate something...
  5. Literally got him in a trade the other day... not serious right?
  6. You’ve gotta be ******** me right now...
  7. Another day in the office for Mr. Harris!
  8. The funny thing is he dropped McCollum and a minute later he dropped McConnell... I think I know what happened.
  9. He just got dropped in one of my leagues... Too bad my waiver order blows.
  10. Traded for him right before these back injuries... just my average fantasy luck.
  11. Agreed. I have a feeling we’re just going to end up dropping for the next hot FA. Hopefully, I’m wrong though.
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