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  1. Picked this dude with my waiver. This should be fun.
  2. Dying to have him back. Fingers crossed he doesn’t get reinjured, AGAIN.
  3. Lol... Lost G. Harris, Lavine, Love, Payton, Thompson, Teague, McGee and now LeBron in ONE league. Might as well just give up now.
  4. In one league I started Miller and Allen. Another league I had Fournette and Barkley. kinda cant wait for FF to be over.
  5. Finally got him on my team after a trade. Good game.
  6. Just added him in a couple leagues. What's his ROS outlook with the eventual return of Book?
  7. Managed to package Millsap/Bogdan for Lowry a day before the toe injury.
  8. Of course all the leagues I have him in, all my IR spots are full. SMFH.
  9. Just added him in all leagues available. Atleast worth owning to see how it plays out as Millsap is getting older and usually takes awhile to recover (i.e. last year).
  10. Damn, Dwight’s “girlfriend” really blew out his back.
  11. Is he worth a #5 waiver pick in a 12-teamer? Not sure about his consistency.
  12. Wentz, Shepard, Demaryius = less than 10 pts. RIP LEAGUE.
  13. Started Shepard & Demaryius for a total of 3.20 points...
  14. Fantasy playoffs or real life playoffs? Either way he knew what he was signing up for.
  15. The biggest ‘flaw’ is that he plays for GSW.
  16. fuuuuuuuuuuuu, just drafted him too. Please be fine...
  17. Finally starting to come to life with Hill injured. Anyone buying into his ROS potential?
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