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  1. Such a shame that one of the leagues I own Conner in I most likely won’t make the playoffs... I have one of the highest scoring teams but terrible matchups.
  2. Never really paid attention to Bogdan. What’s his potential when healthy?
  3. Hopefully, RHJ channels his inner-LeVert and balls out.
  4. Is Rondo droppable with Lonzo's uptick of minutes.
  5. Love how this guy doesn't hurt owners in any CAT.
  6. Well at least this time the ride lasted a few games longer...
  7. Really wish we knew what was up with Gortat... really don’t want to get fooled for the millionth time.
  8. Daaaamn, D. Rose dressed up as 2011 DRose for Halloween.
  9. Time to drop? Dude’s just dropping dud after dud.
  10. ... It was fun while it lasted. see y’all back here in 4 months.
  11. Damn, already tempted to drop this dude in 12-teamers. Anyone else?
  12. You must be on the same henny that JR is on...
  13. Just went in the 3rd round in my draft. Going to have to pay top dollar for him.
  14. At his current ADP, the risk isn't too high compared to last season. IF he can stay healthy (big if), he has a pretty decent floor and is definitely worth a look near the middle of the draft, especially with Cs being pretty thin this year.
  15. You took bold predictions to a whole new level.
  16. Lost KD, Whiteside and Porzingis all in one league. Worst part is, I’m barely losing...
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