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  1. Their smug FO just doesn’t want to play him. Him appearing at all was to save face
  2. it's hard for me to believe this is precautionary for health. I also don't feel it significantly affects draft lottery. Could this just be a PR thing and Curry is just going to show face for a few games?
  3. Well then the guy OP was trading with should’ve took the offer and ran with it before there was updated news. OP’s trade partner wasn't willing to accept until there was a new development. At that point the trade can be negated.
  4. Not sure if this logic actually holds up. When the trade was proposed Kyrie was out for an “indefinite” period of time, not “definitively” out with a season-ending injury. OP made an offer for a Kyrie with diminished value, not one with absent value. It’s actually not that much different than sending a trade offer for a healthy player and then the recipient of that offer not accepting until there was sudden news that the initially healthy player is now injured. In real life, GMs are given the opportunity to process new information and rescind an offer. The trade isn’t veto worthy only if it wa
  5. We should’ve anticipated that this would be a meaningless season from the jump. All in on him next season with KD back
  6. Nuggets franchise has to know that the only shot they have to become true contenders vs the pretenders they are now is for MPJ to develop. Would make no sense to me for them to relegate him back to a reserve role once the team is healthy knowing damn well they’re destined for a 1st-2nd round exit
  7. Anybody who regularly follows the Wiz know if this guy is cooked?
  8. Didn't read but genuinely appreciate the analytical deep-dive
  9. People still continue to be so slow coming around to the fact that this guy is elite. The offense is going to continue running through BI for the foreseeable future. BI and Zion will be a 1-2 punch for years to come as opposed to BI being Zion’s robin like some believe. If anything Zion is more likely to be a clear #2 or #3 guy this season as a rookie
  10. Zion is only going to open up more things for BI as a playmaker
  11. The pseudo science is real in this thread
  12. I think both teams are satisfied with the trade. PG is still overcoming injuries and developing chemistry with his new team, but he's easily a top 10 player in the league. The early season flare surrounding the Clippers has died down a bit with their recent struggles, but they still have dynastic potential for the next 3 or so years IMO.
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