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  1. I would pickup barnes for sure. I would drop williams and powell. I would also pickup clarkson please help?
  2. Stick with who you got Please help?
  3. Guys like Barnes, Beasely, Dort, Hunter, Reddish, Hachimura, Portis, etc. But the important thing to remember is that at some point I have to transfer Markkanen, Kemba, and Gallo form my IL spot to my team when they come back
  4. I would keep Oubre and wait for him to pick it up Please help?
  5. I will wait for Oubre to pick it up. Porter is not worth it Please Help?
  6. Take CP3 for sure!! This is a classic scenario of sell high and buy low Please Help?
  7. I would 100% take Luka and Run. Please help?
  8. I would definitely drop Cousins. With the emergence of Woods, Cousins will not be as involved Hunter is playing well right now and is definitely worth owning. However I don't know whether he is a long term solution since the rotation in Atlanta will be so crowded once Gallo comes back. Overall, I would drop cousins for Hunter Please help?
  9. Beasely is the more consistent offensive player and he is a good rebounder for a guard. Dort has a more consistent role, is a better defender, but has almost no offensive game and there will be some games he will give you nothing if he is not providing defensive stats. I would go with beasely Please help?
  10. I like garland over washington, bazely, or ever Barrett please help?
  11. Thanks for the help on my post! I would take Barnes vs GSW!!
  12. I would do the trade only if you are giving up larry nance. if he insists on rozier or CJ I would stay put please help?
  13. I really like the CJ + Tatum for Kyrie and Sabo if you think kyrie will stay healthy then you should do this please help?
  14. To be honest, I like Rozier because I think he will have more opportunity for touches on charlotte compared to Levert who is playing alongside Kyrie and KD Please help? https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/835638-trade-help-needed-whir-100/
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