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  1. this didn't even make sense but enjoy the notifications i guess
  2. Here's a fun fact: at the time Bo Jackson broke his hip, the internet had yet to be released to the public.
  3. Your logic was based on trying to keep AP healthy... for what. I'm in agreement we should see Guice a lot more towards the end but its not about keeping AP arbitrarily healthy at this point. Technically the are on the hook for $3 mill next year but I'm sure its more important to see what Guice can do.
  4. LOLLLLL... taper AP down WHAT stretch. The Redskins are 1-9 and out of playoffs. They stretching for Tua fam
  5. Thats about 5 more names than I can think of. His production is comparable to Nuk this season
  6. Haha that’s not how confidence works 😂
  7. It may technically be “argueable” but good luck finding someone to argue with. I feel good about Duke tomorrow. -Game script: Ravens can put up numbers, causing Houston to crawl back -Ravens secondary will sit back on Hop and Fuller/Stills while they lead -Houston will not have the time to afford trotting out Hyde -Ravens not great against pass-catching RBs this season -DUKE SZN Flex on ‘em
  8. Thank you, person that's probably never watched a football game, whether it be OBJ this year or Steve Smith, Sr., Randy Moss, Antonio Brown, or Desean Jackson in years past.
  9. Of course it did. We thought the same thing last year too. But never underestimate the ineptitude of a critically wounded NFL organization. The bad ones are so many years behind the good ones that it’s not even funny. The Browns are poison. Anyone intelligent would’ve handed play calling duties to Todd Monken after week 3. Week 3! Here we are in week 11. (This is not directed at you.) Stop blaming grown men. Get. Better.
  10. Next year don’t draft horrible situations. Awful coaching, shook QB. Stop blaming grown men and get better.
  11. Davante Parker and Corey Davis have been limited by I-N-J-U-R-Y all their career. As for talented people not shining because of injury, uh, yeah. #sports
  12. You guys gonna make crow more limited than the Popeye's chicken sandwich. Eat up.
  13. Sometimes, this forum... Marquise Brown being back helps Andrews.
  14. Then... don't drop them? I didn't say a beautiful pass was worthy of anything. You said we have absolutely nothing to go on. I gave you something. Everything is situational. Some folks should drop and some folks shouldn't. He seems like an astute add for someone getting top 8-12 production via QB--but not to drop the QB, but have two QBs, which is usually the situation that a person might be in if they waited til the end of the draft to get a guy.
  15. And, you know, the 35-yard TD beauty of a pass on which he was injured.
  16. Ignoring that thing about spending draft capital on Dante Pettis, I agree with you that the thing I have learned for next year is two promising tight ends is better than one. held onto players like Drake and dropped Hooper after week 1 because I saw Andrews had been dropped and Andrews had more draft buzz. I should've allowed one of my bench fodder to go by the wayside and have two TEs and try to trade one. However this doesn't even bring into play the factor that most leagues will not respect you offering TEs like Hooper or Andrews because of the implication that they're not worth much to you, so therefore they shouldn't be worth much to them. Some players would rather shoot themselves in the foot than see you profit off WW scouring. So there's a lot of moving elements and parts to this sh*t. Anyway, yeah. Next year if I have a promising tight end and see another, I may be more aggressive.
  17. A TE averaging 10.3 points in half PPR after 9 weeks is set and forget. For several years running, TE has defined by 1-2 goats, 6-8 guys you can rely on, and the rest. You probably got Andrews for free and your team should be good because you spent draft capital elsewhere. I can’t imagine a person currently being upset with Andrews or disparage his value unless they traded something valuable for him or they’re playing daily. You will continue to see Andrews ranked in the top 10 by all fantasy experts because the TE landscape is not what you perceive it to be. And for future reference, when you see a player you’re invested in have a quiet game when they’re playing Bill Belichick, take it as a compliment. It means he thinks they’re the best weapon the team has.
  18. everybody laughed when I rolled Kenyan Drake, Matt Breida, and Duke Johnson into my lineup this week. well, its not even noon Sunday yet and look who is laughing now!
  19. Note the username, but my instant reaction is they will force-feed him Sunday, he will have production with 9-11 targets, but after this game things will level out in the run-based offense and he will be a high-end WR3/flex.
  20. Guys, lets not overestimate the rational coaching of Kliff.
  21. >doesn't make crazy changes to his roster every day >held onto drake because he knew talent when he saw it i bet this was the first game of the season he started drake. honestly just sounds like he's just really good at this
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