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  1. Definitely. Harden and Wood are first rounders every night. I don’t think Kyrie will affect Hardens production much. Do it before Wood and Harden put up big lines consistently.
  2. I think Warren will be ok but clearly the team is running with Brogdon and Sabonis as their main guys. A lot of TJs big lines last year were with Brogdon out. Gallo is the best option here https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/836470-trade-for-jarrett-allen-whir/
  3. Siakam at his floor right now and will only get better, Sexton only scores, if you pair him with someone else I might do it but Siakam will give you much better lines
  4. Dort gets too cold on a bad team to be a good hold. Def drop him, Blake is good enough to roster and Cole is the only option for the Magic rn
  5. POINTS league with 3 points for 3PM Kanter and Dragic for Allen. I picked up both and the guy I’m trading with is down in the standings, I’m 1st. I have Garland and Love in IL so will need to drop one of those guys anyway, if Drummond gets traded it’s a clear win. What do you guys think? Steph Curry Dragic FVV Brogdon Schroeder Shai KD Randle Wood RJ Barrett PJ Washington Kanter Deandre Jordan Whiteside Bagley Love, Garland (IL)
  6. I guess I'm in the minority here, I think you should hold. Ibaka has a solid role with the Clips and Allen is really valuable for his blocks but Ibaka will get you around the same amount in that cat, and you seem set in boards and blocks. Its pretty obvious Allen will start but DJ and him have had a timeshare in the past. Also, to me AG is a post-break player, and I think we will see his assist numbers go up with Fultz out.
  7. I would say Bazely but they are all good long term prospects...Bazely will have more dud games though.
  8. You realize I told him to drop Cousins right lol. Still think he’s worth the pickup just not as high on him.
  9. Just traded KP and Vuc for Durant and Schroeder, and now with news of KP coming back soon im wondering if I gave too much. Standard Yahoo points with +3 points for every 3 pointer made. Schroeder FVV KD Steph Batum Bagley C.Wood RJ Barrett Darius Garland Brogdon Randle Love (IL), streaming Trent Jr SGA Deni Avdijia
  10. Also, Plumlee is good but he benefitted last night from no Blake or Okafor, he wont be that good most nights imo. I would just hold and see how Cousins does
  11. Oubre cannot get worse and we don't know how Whites return will affect Murray. I would say this is a no brainer but I have no idea who you would drop....Seth I guess. But as far as value, this is a steal for you imo.
  12. Cousins is the clear drop. Hes on the bench and Wood is gonna dominate the minutes. Do NOT drop Nance. Can't believe how many people are saying that, hes a beast when Love is out, and Love will be out for 3-4 weeks at least. Bazely is a hold! Dude has a clear runway for minutes and production, no way should he be dropped hes a multi-cat gem
  13. I think it’s Gallo, Whiteside will give you more OREBS than most and Bertras 3 pointers are too valuable to drop. Gallo seems to be in the toughest situation (but I’m high on Whiteside as you know)
  14. Stay on Embiid he’s amazing when healthy. Offer Collins he still has a big name but he’s on a much deeper team so you would win that trade and Ayton hasn’t turned it up yet
  15. Bojan has the most replaceable stats, I would say Boogie but you gotta get a look at him first. def go get him though he’s gonna be a part of the rotation all season
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