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  1. bruh. Brees comes back and MT is "hurt" 😫
  2. Was tied with 6 other teams for 3rd place when I had the worst week of this season: projected to scored 66 after Sunday with only Pitt Defense playing. Opponent had 4 players playing Weds (Big Ben, Gus, Diontae Johnson and Justin Tucker). Ended up winning 74-72, bless you Joe Haden for the Pick 6. πŸ™ Tied for 2nd now with 3 other teams but I have a 60 point lead on the team under me and a 140 points lead on the 4th place team. Should be a lock for the playoffs even if I lose and a win automatically gives me a bye unless 3rd place guy goes insane. 🀞
  3. It's a tough week when your starting lineup + bench combined don't crack 100 fantasy points. Projected to score 63 this week putting me in a 6 way tie for 5th. And I traded Gibson to the last place team that I'm facing in Week 13. Hold me.
  4. not sure what I was smoking when I traded Gibson for Gurley.
  5. loving the Hill and Thomas chemistry. Fumble Boy + Slant Boy
  6. In close leagues Taysom can definitely can be a gamechanger to decide whether a team makes it into playoffs or not. [...]
  7. Level Headed ESPN Taysom Hill Owners: β€œnice, we took a chance on Hill to get some points at TE but will accept this one week gift of a starting QB in TE position πŸ™‚β€ Scumbags who own Hill: β€œWe’re leaving Hill in TE forever. Who needs pickups when we can run 2 QB’s πŸ˜ˆβ€ Commissioners and Managers who missed out on Hill: β€œWahhh wahhh not fair πŸ˜«β€ Everyone else:
  8. I hope the game script allows Hill to throw the ball more often. Looking at his old college mixtapes, he does pretty well throwing short passes and running the ball. Probably forced to start MT this week as the other options are looking quite grim.
  9. Everyone complaining about Taysom having TE eligibility for this week are acting like he's going to go out there and absolutely slay your team with 30 fantasy points this week. Let the owners that had the insight to take a flier on Taysom have their gamble pay off. If Taysom does indeed start at QB for this week and has a QB role, he'll lose TE eligibility next week as it's only fair if he is indeed the QB until Brees gets back. Honestly, I think 90-95% of us Taysom holders were just thinking about which TE Taysom would be a good start over and where he slotted in for this week. Such a
  10. Slant boy's proj just dipped 2 points. πŸ₯Ά
  11. [...] How's it looking for MT this week? Will Taysom throw short passes to slant boy or are we looking at another 5pt game.
  12. Sitting here waiting for Hill's Projected to rise.
  13. Basically a 360 off the backboard between the legs slam dunk. Sunday Stats: 3 fumbles, 2 Int for 9pts. Still good for TE2 for week 🀣
  14. i guess we trust the checkmark guy πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  15. ripppppppp. man Swift was just about to blast off too
  16. Lazard back, the small tiny window has closed on Tonyan
  17. I would say MT is a must start on most lineups. Of course if teams are stacked and have great depth you can probably make a case to sit MT. Having both, I would start MT over Marvin Jones pretty much every week.
  18. Agreed. You have to keep playing MT since he has the skill and ability to put up 18+ fantasy points per game. Injuries have really hampered his season but if you're an owner who traded for him and didn't have to hold Thomas all season long, this is fine. Owners who drafted Michael Thomas are understandably mad as hell with his performance thus far. He'll start paying dividends in the playoffs (assuming you make it)
  19. Honestly if Taysom doesn't get starting QB role next week, he's going to be pretty bad. In 2019 when Teddy took over week 3-7 Taysom had less snaps and way less fantasy points than when Brees was healthy. The likely hood of Taysom getting starting QB is probably slim as well. There's not that much to be excited about.
  20. I mean if he ends up as starting QB and still has TE position its not fair to whoever doesn't have him. Basically automatically makes him number 2 TE ROS possibly number 1 πŸ˜‚ Matthew Berry has written that they wont remove TE eligibility mid week. So at least one more week of TE
  21. I actually traded my Gibson for Gurley. I think Gurley is probably better ROS by a slim margin as long as JD Mckissic continues to get run. It could all change if those targets ended up going to Gibson though in .5 or full ppr leagues.
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