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  1. Same. [...] love Fitz matchup with the bengals
  2. Olynyk for some odd reason in mine lol. 12 teamer
  3. Dropped in one of my leagues. Easy pickup? Or hard to hold at this point
  4. Fell to round 7 for me at pick 75. Love that value if he can stay healthy
  5. Contemplating between Jimmy G and Stafford this week. Anyone worried about the Lions/Packers game being really slow paced with both teams running the ball a lot?
  6. Posted this in Hardmans thread as well but who is the play if Watkins sits and Hill plays? Seems like Hardman plays outside and Pringle slot but could be completely backwards so any insight is helpful.
  7. If Hill plays but Watkins is out, is Hardman the play or Pringle? Hardman plays on the inside in Watkins spot right? And Pringle in the slot? Could be backwards so any insight is helpful.
  8. Lol I ended up starting last week but luckily didn't matter thanks to CMC and Cooper. Thinking about holding due to deep league but don't need to play him this week.
  9. RIGHT?! Took them until wednesday to mention any word of it. What a joke
  10. Supposedly didn't have his bags packed for the road trip according to a source.
  11. Goff is averaging 44 attempts per game so far and 58 in the last two weeks. If Kupp sees 15 targets there is still roughly 30+ to go to woods, cooks, and everett.
  12. Seems eerily similar to the 4-8 week timetable that reports stated. Saquads and Shurmur never gave that timetable and haven't said he is unlikely to play yet. I'm sure they will after I post this though.
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