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  1. They scrapped their whole game plan against Denver, for obvious reasons.
  2. That's 100% what it was, no reason to script the best player on your team out because you ware winning. Actually, that makes zero sense when looking at the score and time remaining. Nagy is as much a problem to Arob as Foles/Trubisky are.
  3. They marched down the field in a 10-3 game into the red zone entirely because of Robinson, then they throw a pick. Then they continue to throw the ball, to less than no results (3 more interceptions). Doesn’t take rocket science to see that one aspect is working and one isn’t. Robinson accounted for 63% of the Jags total yards, and that’s with them throwing the ball 37 times. Get your head out of your a**es coaches. Keep the ball in their best players hands, and keep it out of the green QB who is struggling mightily.
  4. Why would anyone sit Robinson, unless you’re somehow holding 2 locked in top 3-5 backs?
  5. Bears need to clean house outside of defense and Robinson. Get Nagy out. Fire whatever Joker they brought in to play call. Get rid of both QB’s.
  6. Bears offense is anemic. At least Trubiskii can push the ball up the field.
  7. Bengals just ran for 120 yards on 20 carries, I think Robinson will be perfectly fine. He’s in the set and forget tier.
  8. I honestly believe he may have the best vision in the league already. Insane how he can dissect the defences and find holes to exploit from the backfield.
  9. No clue why anyone would start a non-lead back in a game where they are going to be behind big and needing to throw the ball. One of those times that the s---y results seems to be obvious
  10. Lots of overrating of Hasty from what I’ve seen. Here’s hoping he comes through.
  11. Yet has been very bad thus far for Drake, both fantasy stats wise and eye test. Edmonds has done much more with the limited touches, let him run with it. If he fails, let Drake come back and run for 80 yards with no catches and 3 goalline TD's run in or thrown by Murray
  12. Just stay down Rocky. Whoever drafted Drake should have Edmonds, and Edmonds has been better. Let him run with it.
  13. Nagy can't get out of his own way. What moronic play calling
  14. Quite literally looking at the scores.. 2nd overall RB James Robinson - 133.6 points - 484 rush yards 4 TD's 27 receptions 225 yards 2 TD 1 2pt conversion 1 fumble 15th overall RB James Connor - 95.5 points - 451 ru yards 4 TD's 15 receptions 151 yards 0 TD's 0 2pt conversion You're just completely off base But yeah. let's just not count the game Connor was going 6 rushes for 9 yards and 2 receptions for 8 before Tomlin pulled him because of his attitude/booboo
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