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  1. Headed for my 8th loss in a row.....8th.
  2. Not being suspended. I meant just the luck of how my schedule has been this year. In Elliott's case, facing him the week before he gets suspended.
  3. Yep. I've realized a total points scored league is probably better than H2H. My luck has been ridiculous. For example, I play the Elliott owner the week before he gets suspended. Of course he has a good game against me.
  4. Second in points scored, most points scored against me. Going to lose my 6th straight. Going to think hard about not playing next year.
  5. Andy Reid and his use of Hunt. Killing me.
  6. I agree. Shipping Ryan would still keep guys around for position player options. Thanks for the help on mine!
  7. Assuming Freeman doesn't play. Standard league. Thoughts?
  8. Melvin Gordon or Tevin Coleman if Freeman is out? Hogan, Corey Davis, or pick up Crowder? My gut says sit Hogan. Both Davis and Crowder have seen a good number of targets over the past two games. Thoughts?
  9. Same. Was 70-72 and I have Funchess and McCaffery left to the other guy's Demaryius Thomas. Felt ok about it if we were basically tied going into the Denver game. Not anymore. Don't see Funchess and McCaffery combining for over 30.
  10. Yeah, not sure what the owner was thinking. I can pretty much bet I won't get him though. I'm 8th on the wire in priority. I ended up dropping A. Jones for Olsen.
  11. Would you start Darkwa over McCaffery? I've been going back and forth on them.
  12. Greg Olsen and Mike Evans are on the wire. Should I drop Darkwa now for Olsen? I need Henry this week because Ertz is on his bye. Just thinking I could trade Olsen a lot easier than Henry. Evans doesn't come off waivers until Wednesday. My waiver priority is too low to probably get him. Just wondering if I should try?
  13. Should I use my #2 waiver on Funchess? My WR output hasn't been great so far. I'd probably drop Ty Mont. Not sure if I'd start him over Thomas or Diggs though. Carolina has a pretty good ROS. Thoughts?
  14. Here you go: 10-team, non-ppr, standard scoring (QB TDs are 4 pts) QB, 3WRs, 2RBs, TE, K, DEFQB: BreesWR: M. Thomas, M. Bryant, Hogan, Diggs, DavisRB: Hunt, Gordon, Ty Mont, A. Jones, KamaraTE: HenryK: ElliottDEF: Streaming
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