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  1. there's this player in my league with a notoriously huge horseshoe up his a**. I could have all told you Devante was going to dud out.
  2. I'm pissed because I have Josh Allen and Hunter Henry. I'm projected to win 159-141. Dude, wrong thread, right? Nah. That means I'm in the championship game next week. I've lost seven straight championship games. I don't need that pain again.
  3. If I'm against Melvin Gordon this week, I'd be pissed. He is lucky he's not suspended and sitting on his couch right now.
  4. He had one shoe on and was trying to not walk on that shoeless foot then just said "f it" and started to walk normally.
  5. The QB is 6-5, 240. I don't understand why teams refuse to run their QBs on 4th and short.
  6. There was a moment of weakness today "Maybe I should consider Tannehill." It quickly faded. I would have been a fool.
  7. nullfying a singletary TD for a possible Allen TD is fine by me.
  8. Terry has about 4 catches in two weeks. This is good news.
  9. Hopefully Williams out means more opportunities in the red zone. If Allen is out, I almost feel like it gets to the point where Henry becomes a focal point to stop on defense.
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