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  1. Don't get me wrong, I traded for him in a pretty deep league of mine, and uncessfully tried to in another and I think his ceiling is 17/3/7 this season with upside. That's good enough for top 60+ value so he's not a bad player by no means. I just think he is an extreme highs and lows kind of guy, especially when he comes off insane games like this.
  2. Top 15 is already a hyperbole... 10 is simply an assessment I have to disagree with both in reality and fantasy basketball. Steph, Russ, Lillard, Paul, Lowry, Wall, IT2, Kemba, Kyrie, Conley, Bledsoe, Dragic.... you can add another 3+ names to this list and I still probably wouldn't land on Dennis. Additionally, this is eliminating de facto PGs by non-positions, like Harden, Greek, Lebron, etc... you get the picture. Are you saying that you'd take DC over any of those guys in a heart beat...? A decision like that could cost you a championship in a fantasy league, and probably set b
  3. He doesn't release his money leagues, only his yahoo and friends one. That one isn't updated/taken seriously by any of the writers since no one really checks up on it last time I saw it.
  4. It's even crazier to think about it when you consider no one in his league would snipe KOQ even if he did drop him for a streamer....
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