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  1. Cant really rely on Mosert playing. Shanny trying to be positive about it but too much mystery. Even if he plays he splits with Wilson who will also probably get goal line carries. Gotta roll with other guys...
  2. U have to start Cook. U are nuts if u dont....This guy is top 3 at least right now...U always start ur studs regardless....He may not get 200 yards rushing but a few nose dive tds not out of the question along with 100 yards.Cousins plays alot better at home also and its not like the Bears have not been lite up this year at times.....As far as the others...Too many choices..Roll with Taylor hes getting hot and showing signs of what people were hoping he would be..
  3. week 1 playoffs is bucs...Hard to know if thats good or bad...Might depend on how scared cousins is.....or bad
  4. If the guy is healthy then he should play..U can make the argument they are not really in it to begin any season so what..Just sit him until the team looks like a contender. Guy wants to play also..If they were going to shut him down they would have already put him on ir....even if they are still contending for a spot..Not like they are going to make alot of noise...They wont say it but im sure they know it deep down....
  5. In what league do u wind up with Watson and Murray. 2 top 5 qbs going into draft....Watson would have been my choice in Detroit...Easy to say now though I guess. If you make playoffs I dont like Murrays matchup against the Giants...
  6. I would actually consider benching mckinnon...But the move is to bench Johnson....
  7. Hope u went with Ryan...He had a great game....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Leaning towards Ryan. 2 games with no tds..Julio back..Has all the markings of a 3 td game and also they will probably be fighting from behind...Dalton is a good option also but u just dont know what ur going to get.Lots of Elliot for sure...
  9. They have been beat up on offense. If Julio gets as little healthy that should help. I understand that he is droppable but some of us are in big leagues with not alot of other options.
  10. Reports were that he got the wind knocked out of him on that long run..He came back in and is fine...Everyone is ultra paranoid that hes going down anytime..
  11. Not really time to panic but these type of injuries tend to linger or pop up again depending on how bad it is. Lets wait and see. I had an opportunity to draft sanders but when I got wind of his injury I stayed away. With no preseason and everything else going on its just not the risk I wanted to take in the first round.
  12. I dont think its time to panic over Sanders but these type of things usually linger for a player. We have no idea how bad it is or anything so the jury is out..I think Boston is a good option this week. I dont think Phily with or without Sanders was a lock to dominate in this game..This will probably be an ugly lower scoring game but fire up Scott unless u got better options..
  13. Gotta roll with Gurley. As said above, Hes got a good chance at finding the endzone and that could save his day..
  14. Very tough game for Gurley but I think he can find the endzone once and save his day, even if its in garbage time...
  15. I have been using him every week but i'm sitting him this week. Don't have confidence in Goff on the road against niners.I have to start Gurley so Im not throwing 2 rams out there. I'm starting Deandre Washington instead.
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