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  1. I like Birch for ROS as well. Just wanted to gain that extra game for Fri/Sat. I'll wait till that 5 game week
  2. Good idea as well - never thought of that. I'm just thinking about Detroit having that B2B. I could maybe jump to Birch on the Sunday match after the B2B
  3. Man.... Some of the latest updates for playing is wild. I'm down in blocks, 3s and boards. May lean to Isiah Stewart now
  4. Are we 💯 sure he's the add now or is it Sato? I haven't watched much Bulls games this year so I'm not sure how Colby is doing
  5. Hey guys With the recent Lavine news, which guy would you rather have for a B2B Colby White or Bojan Bogdanovic
  6. Donte is now Q tonight, so I may have to reconsider some moves. Would you rather do: A - Bojan for Fri/Sat stream + Sunday pickup (would give me a total of 3 man games) or B - Grab Noel for Fri Sunday game (2 man games) there's a chance Noel is available on Sunday, but not 100% sure. I also think Conley sits one of those B2B games, and Bojan usually does well there.
  7. Team 1 - I'd go T-Ross Team 2 - I'd go with Nunn
  8. Yup.. opponent has those same 3 spurs but dropped Keldon this morning
  9. Hey guys So - playing the #1 guy in the league ( I'm 4 games back) and I currently have a 5-4 lead on him. I have 4 moves left for the week, and he has 2. An added benefit is that I have 5 players rolling tonight vs. his 3. As of right now I got strong leads in FG and FT%, Boards, Steals and a bit closer in DD (leading by 2). I'm losing Assists, Blocks, Points by only a few - but I'm getting thumped by 3's (losing by 13). So, I want to maximize the man game options I have left, and see If I can maybe push this lead out to a bit further. Now - this guy has been hit hard with inju
  10. I think I agree with this statement - he's already stated publicly he wants the MVP, and I think it's between him, Joker and Embiid for that
  11. watching bomb 3's on me as my opponent has 3 Spurs rostered against me lol
  12. I honestly won't believe it until I see him on the court Friday. And I hope it doesn't turn into another Harden situation (Harden and Fred owner here)
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