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  1. My playoffs start April 26 - so I get the 5 game week from Fred to start off (ESPN)
  2. Nice! - Got JJJ on my IR, and planning to grab Nurk very soon. Mitch is still on my FA list right now, and I'm trying to gauge a possible return date
  3. Hi guys Team is in signature. Trying to gauge on what it would take to acquire either Zach Lavine or Marcus Smart. I'm fully aware how much of a stud Lavine is now, so I would have to put a big package together. I think the only 2 untouchables on my squad is Bam and Harden. For Marcus, I know he's hurt and can be a FG% killer, but his elite stocks would be great for a playoff push. Any input would be great - thanks
  4. Agreed....going to hold to see if he comes back with some sort of change or counter.
  5. Will Hiura still be listed as a 2B? If so, he's a lock for sure
  6. I',m high on yordan this year, especially after my league switched from AVG to OPS - big upgrade for Yordan. Plus the owner already has deGromm - that would give him an insane SP core
  7. Agreed - Arenado out of Colorado is going to be different. The owner has an excess of keepers, so I think I may be able to snag one of them with one of those early picks
  8. Love you James - can you please tighten up the FT's lol
  9. Hey guys ESPN 10 team H2H 5 x 5 (OPS) - 5 keepers I have my 5 keepers set, and an owner offered me a deal this morning. Besides the keepers listed, I have #2 and #5 overall picks in the first round. My keepers are: Bieber, Yordan Alvarez, Alonso, Trout and Yelich He offered the following: Arenado, Bellinger, 9th round pick for Bieber, Yordan Alvarez, 6th round pick As much as I love Bellinger, this would leave me without a stud SP going into the draft. And I'm kinda high on Yordan this year Thoughts?
  10. I guess it comes down to what team activities he's doing. March 11th may be a date when he's cleared to practice with the team. Lots of unknows still - hopefully he gets a good checkup
  11. March 11th is Portland's first game post ASB - are we thinking that's the day for his return?
  12. My master plan is to hopefully grab Nurk for Monday. Fingers crossed I can get thru this week's matchup with a W and I'll burn one of my stream spots on Nurk. Like most people, going to be interesting trying to manage matchups with one IR spot ( and having Nurk, JJJ and the mysterious Porzingis on my squad). But I believe Nurk is far more safer than JJJ for playing time - but JJJ gives you those elite level blocks and 3 from your center position (what Porzingis is supposed to be doing for my squad lol)
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