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  1. Of those I would think Brown gets the most attention.
  2. I also think Dobbins is the choice based on game flow potential.
  3. Need 1 in PPR Mostert at DAL Wilson at DAL Gallman vs CLE I was 13-0 and I've run into Waller, Jacobs, and Herbert because my dumb league doesn't reseed after the first week of the playoffs. Adams let me down yesterday too. So I need high ceiling and lots of points. Leaning Mostert for that reason. WHIR!
  4. Playing for a bye, need one in a flex spot, half-point PPR: Andrews vs SF (weather concerns?) Cooks @ ARZ (could be a track meet, if Goff can hit the broad side of a barn) WHIR! Thanks in advance
  5. Agree, Ridley and Samuels. Thanks for help with mine
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