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  1. Expanded rosters as to the second question, has to do with injuries that may not initially be diagnosed as necessitating a full 8 week recovery.
  2. Unfortunately this messes up dynasty leaguers but in redraft the best move was basically to drop this past Sunday or Monday.
  3. Well it looks like Springer is somewhat out of the woods barring any further symptoms. That would be obviously complicating for Tucker’s PT. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/astros-george-springer-not-ruled-out-for-thursday/
  4. Will be a guy I will probably go to if Springer goes to the concussion IL as I expect. Reddick will probably continue getting ABs on LHP as Hinch is evidently trying to rotate rest throughout the lineup.
  5. He may already be a top 75 player if he keeps this up for another month. 2 months sample size is plenty here IMO.
  6. Soroka v LAD, the immovable object must resist the unstoppable force!
  7. He'll never have good home to 1st speed on a HR but ran a gaudy 11.3 1st to home there 😂
  8. I think hes been good for QS leagues last 8 plus starts. Had a couple clunkers but generally hit his 6 IP due to lower PC and better control than previously. Aug 15 @Phi L, 7-5 - 7.0 0 0 10 0.00 0.57 1 Aug 9 @Cin L, 5-2 L 6.0 0 0 9 6.00 0.67 0 Aug 4 Mil W, 7-2 W 5.0
  9. He is a BA killer of late. Someone like Trent Grisham who is a lefty could be a better power speed threat as a better hitter at this stage (PT equal in a vacuum).
  10. Framber is frightening due to his struggles to consistently hit 6 IP. Gotts wonder if Josh James gets a shot soon.
  11. Getting the feeling MIN will be getting Giles/Stroman, meaning Rogers might become more of the high leverage guy. 2.1 innings the other day make me cringe for him, but their pen is brutally horrid
  12. Yeah I think his shoulder is probably the culprit here.
  13. His fastball is straighter and somewhat slower. Sinker usually below the zone. Not holding my breath for any production for at least a month+.
  14. He is hitting the ball to all fields with power. Glad to ride this train ROS. Should continue to play regularly even during Sale and Porcello starts, at DH or otherwise.
  15. He should be activated as the 26th man on Saturday the 13th to pitch one of the doubleheader games against BAL.
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