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  1. Hey, I don't usually play fantasy baseball but my buddy has a draft tonight and his wife just had their first kid. Mazel! I'm trying to order the Premium MLB Draft Guide to do a good job for the new papa but for some reason, I can't purchase it. It takes me to a profile page where I select what sports I like and then I'm never able to purchase it. Can anyone direct me on how to access this? Draft is in 4 hours and I've literally never played fantasy baseball before (only basketball, six time champ!) Thanks! JMP
  2. FWIW, my team: PG: Lillard, Murray, Dipo (IR) SG: Huerter SF: Lamb PF: Siakam (already kept for next year) Cen: Valancunius, Ayton, Bam, Holmes, WCJ, Wood, Jarrett Allen One streaming position.
  3. Spellman makes the most sense. I'd just stream that spot though. It's more fun and you get more value.
  4. If you can handle percents, culver.I https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/798902-keeper-contracts-whir/?tab=comments#comment-8987827
  5. Warren for sure. He always gets his even with competition for minutes. And hornets schedule is terrible for a month now.
  6. Take the money and run. Zion is going to sit all back to back and get random rest.
  7. Jjj is better but I think you can trade from strength on this one. Defensible move. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/798902-keeper-contracts-whir/?tab=comments#comment-8987827
  8. Drop Winslow and stream. Seems like a great league for streaming.
  9. Gallo. Dipo coming back is going to make Indy weird. Oddly Gallo seems safer, thunder are in the playoff hunt.
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