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  1. I’m sorry if you disagree with me but Godwin has been a complete bust this year. Besides the injuries he has had 1 week of 20 or more points. ONE. And that was only like 23. He was a 2nd round pick. I selected him 1 pick after Deandre Hopkins. Dude balled out last year. No idea where this guy gets drafted next year, 3rd or 4th? Too many mouths to feed there.
  2. What a season. Starts out by drafting Saquon. I had the 4th pick and Mahones went 3rd to my shock. I was all set on taking Kamara again. I had drafted him the prior year and he was terrible. But what a shock when Saquon fell to me at 4. My nemesis then picked Kamara at 5. Every one of the RBs I drafted were hurt by game 4. And now Kamara gets 6 tds in the championship game. SMH. Can’t take it.
  3. And there goes Wilson. Thats the 55th RB I’ve lost this year.
  4. I have to lead the world on 1st half players. I seem to always either get the guy taking off the 2nd half or the coach that takes his foot off the gas. Godwin and Cook this week, ARob last week, Hockenson like every week just to name a few. All year long. What a frustrating year man.
  5. Why is it that some teams care about a backup QB and others don’t. Why is this guy Daniels on the team. Meanwhile the Raiders have Mariota and he comes off the bench and peppers Waller. Of course I have Hockenson.
  6. I have to decide between Wilson and McKissic. And McKissic now without Smith. Sucks cause without Moestert this was a great start. I still think Wilson will score but it depends how much else he will put up.
  7. Guy went from the #1 WR in ppr last year to a complete bust.
  8. Last year I had every TB Bucs player except Godwin. EVERY week it was Godwin blowing up, week after week after week. Made it a point to grab in in both my leagues. I mean this guy was a colossal bust. Today when I needed it most, 2 catches. Really?
  9. Hey Chris Godwin, thanks for the season. Never again.
  10. I bet he has a good game, even scores. Just can’t trust it this week. Especially with a potential hamstring problem. Sucks.
  11. Can anybody say for sure if this guy is ruled out. I haven’t heard a thing. He hasn’t been ruled out. Does that mean he can still play.
  12. All week looking at my matchups vs my opponent and I’m in trouble. Cook vs TB, meanwhile he has Jones vs Detroit. Had a glimmer of hope with Evans and AJ Brown with injuries. They have smash spots too. Both though perfectly fine. Then today find out Gaskins is out with covid. Un freakin real. I’m dead.
  13. This is a really tough week to stream. I have thought about Indy, Cleveland, Dallas, the Giants, even Denver. Denver held the Chiefs to 5 field goals in KC. Dallas is ranked high but they are so bad. Tough call.
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