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  1. This Hardens low key the perfect fantasy player. He's nearly 50 40 90 AND making threes rebounding, stealing, blocking, scoring, assisting? IF somehow he could bring his turnover around 3.5 a game maynn. I'll be even more fun.
  2. Lmao stop defending Thibs. All of you. Quickley is BETTER than Elfrid. Even the "advanced stats" show that he's a better defender then Elfrid. The fact that hes behind Elfrid AND Austin is preposterous. He's a better player point blank. He led the comeback the other day. Let the rookie develop and let him make errors.. Elfrid and Austin are making mistakes on the court anyways. But to regulate this kid to like 15 minutes a game is stupid. Thibs just trying to be a hard a** coach just to be a hardass.
  3. I got embiid in the second round lmaoo. So i have harden and embiid. I'll take it.
  4. Who said he wouldn't be affected by kyrie? Thats literally a dumb take. What i dont get is people jumping the gun and suddenly thinking hes a 14 point per game scorer. Hes going to go from a 36 ppg scorer.. to a 25-26 ppg scorer. 26 ppg 10-11 apg is still a first round talent.
  5. True. But they arent bron wade and bosh either... They are alll shooters. Yes, iso heavy. But they can shoot.. it'll take adjustment but that skill alone can make this work.
  6. What? Nash was 40 years old and no one drafted him in the top 5 rounds. Kobe balled the f out. Dwight played through injury and still averaged 18 12. Wade Bron Bosh made sense. NONE of them could shoot. This is more similar to a klay kd steph situation. They all can shoot. And they'll all be 20 point scorers. lol
  7. We seriously need to calm down. watch the game. Hes overly deferring. Harden is not gonna go from averaging 36 points per game to under 20. You'll see at least a 20 10 2 season from him.. which is still 1st round talent. Don't trip. lmao
  8. I agree. So instead of being a 36 point scorer he's going to be a 25 point scorer. 25 points 11 assists 2 steals? Yeah I'm cool with that.
  9. Hes really good. He matched up with Jokic as best as he could. Got quick hands. Is a Good Passer. He has a good touch as a shooter too. They just dont pass him the ball. If he gets more shots i could see him being a top 80 player forsure.
  10. Yeah i got cj and embiid. Im just consdiernig them my 1st and 2nd rounders and harden my 3rd at this point lmaoo
  11. you'd think this dumbass would atlest care about his crazy career stats and put in a little effort. He looks ridiculous out there. Hes been an iron man and made the playoffs 8 straight season.. Atleast try and you'll get traded eventually
  12. What's you mean foo? Try it out. Its sick. Its a chrome extension for yahoo and i think espn too.
  13. A Another year another fantasy season people! I thought since the season has started, I would suggest a helpful fantasy tool, the Fantasy Basketball WZRD. I’ve been using it for a couple of years and has helped me assess my team and make decision to win multiple leagues! Hope it helps ya'll! Good Luck. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fantasy-basketball-wzrd/bmojbnihkmbdandkddobjnilkegcooll/related?hl=en
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