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  1. Been saying it for awhile, he’s Anquan Boldin.
  2. I pretty much always hold my faab money and blow it for one person. In your case, I don’t see the point in having just $37 remaining if you had won. That won’t be enough for a competitive bid, so it’s just a bunch of scraps the remainder of the way anyway.
  3. I grabbed him as a flyer so I’d like for it to work out, but his highlight tape looks like he’s moving in sand.
  4. He reminds me a lot of Anquan Boldin. Just get the ball into his hands and he’ll manhandle any DB.
  5. I watch a lot of ACC ball, the fact that he did anything behind the FSU OL is amazing.
  6. It’s easily the most offensive team name. I can see why people would want to keep the Braves, or Chiefs, or things like that but Redskins is so over the top inappropriate. I can’t believe it lasted this long.
  7. Is service time meddling even a thing this year
  8. Yeah I think the bigger takeaway is that Pache and Waters don’t see time this year. As far as the Braves, I think Puig plays the exact role Markakis was going to assume this year. I am curious if the Braves just throw Ozuna into the DH role, move Acuna to a corner and out Ender back into CF. Either way, lots of options now in a year where a healthy lineup each day may be a challenge.
  9. I wonder if teams want to see who may opt out before signing him.
  10. Negativity doesn’t bother me, it’s not vetted and there’s no accountability.
  11. I think that message needs to be heavily amended in the social media age.
  12. Unfortunate but true. it’s amazing really. Baseball had a chance to really reel people in with quick action, but instead football will roll out as usual and clinch their market share even more.
  13. I think 2020 is done. At best we get like a WBC round robin tournament (which would be fun), but I don’t see any kind of actual season happening.
  14. You have a broad definition of rookie.
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