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  1. i'd keep ekeler, singletary, kupp and juju.
  2. of course you can try offering brady first, he's still brady, has AB and flash and a cake schedule, someone may be interested.
  3. easy to say dump brady and not mahomes... there's an abyss between the respective trade values. unless your scoring pimps up QBs, mahomes for any WR1 is good business for you.
  4. not really, he still plays for the bengals. and he may be a good play this week, but what then?
  5. white in any sort of ppr. brown won't eat too much into his catches. breida is good but the niners are a mess at the moment, and even with coleman down his role doesn't really change much.
  6. more reliance, more stacked boxes too, with siemian under centre. and if he's banged up he may not get 100% usage.
  7. nope. ty only has value if bell is out, and even then i can't see him do much on the jets. hyde actually did well and duke is a starter on a much better offense.
  8. before the draft i liked singletary a lot more. montgomery had a better landing spot on paper, but if that's not the case, then the choice is clearly singletary. however, nagy took a while to find out the best way to use cohen last season, but then it paid off. same could be happening with montgomery this season, so it is tough. i think montgomery will get more of the ball and the bears offense will tick at some point, i still think he's the better bet, fantasy wise. but singletary is much more fun to watch.
  9. you mean Ty i suppose... nah, keep murray, he'll get touches in a good offense, the jets are about to implode. (if it is david, then why the funk are you even asking??!?)
  10. eifert. then reconsider in a week or two, when he gets hurt.
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