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  1. I think with the Spurs it's going to be a situation of Kawhi doing his thing game in and game out on his way IMO to a possible MVP season. L.A. will do his thing and then you are going to have maybe 2 out of Dedmon, Parker, Ginobili, Simmons, Lee, Mills and even Gasol stepping up each game. The trick will be figuring out which 2 will do it most often. I have Kawhi and picked up Simmons after the 1st game and am tempted to switch out for Dedmon. The games in a week doesn't matter because it's 9 cat roto but I guess the point is if you have a roster spot to stream from you could grab Dedmon and rotate him out if he has a stinker but you might be wrong more often than you are right. He did look damn good tonight though. Love the Spurs.
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