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  1. He isfinding cutters from the high post, using him at elbow for dribble handoffs. He will probably not get the shots like bubble Nurk, and that is even more unlikely with the addition of Norm, but he is actually very much involved in the offense. Bad for his fantasy value, but actually pretty fun to watch compared to the ISO heavy offense the Blazers often rely on.
  2. 3 game week next week to start the H2H playoffs, I am worried.
  3. Enjoy retirement LMA. He has a lot left give the Nets. Would have been great for him and Blake to get the championship. Knowing this forum, I could have sworn I would see something like "He's soft" or " He's mentally weak." right when he announced his retirement.
  4. Is Theis getting half of each of Thad and Lauri minutes? Coach playing matchups?
  5. Wrong Bridge mate, this one's in Phoenix.
  6. I think he still is on 20 minutes restriction.
  7. With how much Nurse does not like playing Boucher, I could see him playing at least at a timeshare with Boucher, and Baynes being out of the rotation.
  8. For about 10-ish games now. They tried to start Lauri one game once they got Vuc, I guess they liked Thad as a better fit.
  9. Yes, this is what made it so difficult for me. But with Hood and Trent in the mix, it made more excuses for Nurse not to play Boucher. His statline is still servicable, but with TOR fantasy sched, and inconsistencies with the mins, it is hard to hold for H2H.
  10. Bye for now Boucher, you were awesome. For the price I paid, I think it was worth it.
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