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  1. I got a whole bunch of WTF's when I picked him in the 3rd round (#29) 😏
  2. I'd stay away. I was thinking of trading for WB too but he's going to be more of a headache than good. I'd rather keep 2 low end solid guys not resting than a sporadic WB who sits on B2B's and is on one of the worst teams in the league right now.
  3. This is the Rubio I thought I had drafted in the 6th 😏
  4. Booker. Gave the owner Collins/Batum for Booker. He was frustrated as well. I got a steal IMO.
  5. Had this guy in all my DFS lineups. Failed me big time.
  6. That's a no for me. Booker is not playing up to his outlook, but he should be able to go toe to toe with Kyrie alone.
  7. Offensive rebounds and free throws made. I'm holding onto Curry now.
  8. I think that's actually a fair trade. Depends on the rest of your team but you can go either way depending on what your build is.
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