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  1. Raptors are 2 games out of #10. Playin tournament includes 7-10th seeds of each conference. They still have a reason to play and compete.
  2. Unfortunately I didn't see an emoji with a bottle pouring out lol.
  3. Rest up my king as long as you're back in time after my bye week.
  4. This interview was over a week ago. Have you seen WCJ's last 3 games? Birch will be splitting bench minutes with Sheck Wes when he comes back.
  5. I think the frustration comes from seeing Stewart actually contributing given minutes, but is still only playing about 21 minutes a game. Pistons are going nowhere but yet they continue to start vet Plumlee (Although he is playing pretty solid). Look what OKC did with Horford. They're losing, tanking, and decided to give the young guys a run even though Horford was still balling. Stewart's per 36 is pretty good too for a rookie, so that's why we're all hoping he gets more burn RoS.
  6. There are many players who weren't projected to be anything in the NBA but are solid fantasy assets. Stewart has shown enough to be rostered.
  7. Let's hope Dwayne Casey realizes he needs to develop this guy for his tanking team. But then again, it's Casey...
  8. 🥃 One for the homies who held onto him through the suspension.
  9. I have Nance sitting on my IL. I'm thinking between Kyle Anderson, Sweet Lou, and DJ. Who would you guys drop? Or should I just drop Nance and keep the others?
  10. Why would the Raptors be the best landing spot? They have Lowry and FVV. Rubio would not start ahead of either of those two.
  11. I was thinking that as well, but it's Steve Nash and Mike D'antoni on the staff. MDA had PJ Tucker guarding bigs like that lol.
  12. Anyone thinking DJ might fade since the Nets just signed Griffin? Small ball lineup of BG at the center.
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