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  1. In a 12 team 8 cat league, I’m strong at my Guard spot with Booker, Middleton Lavine, and Mitchell. I lack in rebounds and my PF spot, A different owner wants to trade Zion for Lavine or Middleton. Would this be a fair trade? Is Zion going to breakout this year or have we seen the best from him.
  2. I would take the Lavine and Monroe Side. Just like he said above, Lavine is going to tear it up. He will be THE man in Chicago. Thanks for helping on mine btw!
  3. I don't know much about keeper leagues but to be honest, Why change up a team that is in first? I would stay put unless there is someone on your team that is reaching that 2 season limit for you. If I had to choose one, I would choose DSJ since your PG spot is stacked once Conley comes back.
  4. YES! As a Drum owner I would love for that deal to come to me. I see Turner turning things around
  5. Make that trade!!!!!!!!!!! Then pick up Sabonis. You will get rid of a injured Whiteside and Embiid that misses games due to rest.
  6. I agree with everyone above, IT is going to be 2nd/3rd on priority with scoring. Lebron is the man in Cleveland. With the Hawks they don't have a "superstar" that is needing the ball. So Schroder is the stud in Atlanta. I would stay put.
  7. DO ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!! Lowry is ballin right now and Cousin is a beast! @calebcjy is correct with Giannis taking a small hit since Bled is there.
  8. Eric Gordon was just recently dropped in my league. I am 3rd on the waiver list, I am wondering if it is worth dropping RHJ for Gordon? WHIR of Course!! My Team: PG: Westbrook, Collison, Lowry, SG: Bradley, Bazemore SF: Batum, J. Brown PF: RHJ, Ryno C: Valanciunas, Drummond, M. Gasol IR: MIllsap 10 Team, 8 cat Scoring Head to Head FG%, FT% 3PM, REB, AST, STL, BLK, PTS
  9. @RomTwin I think @hungry said it best. Even though Porzingis has been doing amazing he is trending down a tad bit. Cousins will have a career year. Plus Booker is the man in Phx. You will loose some assist with CP3 being gone but since he is playing second to Harden they might tend to rest CP3 with any little injury scare. I would do that trade in a heartbeat to get DMC and Booker
  10. @jhsong916@RomTwin thank you both for the help. Definitely loosing Gordon Hayward and Millsap this season has been a pain and making me think about trading Westbrook. Going to shoot some trade offers out! Fingers crossed
  11. If option 1 was not available, what would be the next best? Another one I could throw out there. 6. Westbrook for Dame and Beal 7. Westbrook for Dame and M. Turner WHIR!
  12. As an Avery owner I would not trade him for Wigs. Avery will help in more areas and just like other people are saying Min. Is stacked, so his production in the scoring will fluctuate. Stay with Bradley. Thanks for the help on mine btw
  13. Don't take that trade. Unless he adds one more. What are some other players on his squad?
  14. I would take Rubio for sure, Unless its a keeper league like Bic said.
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