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  1. But will Stafford still be in the league in 10 more years? Haha
  2. Honestly he's a 3 level player but he needs the rock. I'd love for him to be 6th man and rule the 2nd stringers. With D'lo in the fray, he might defer. But I'm super high on his upside, they are still tinkering with lineups
  3. Sexton is their only true scoring threat, he was in foul trouble and they had a terrible time scoring. Drummond is a good passing big , so itll work both ways. More assists without sacrificing scoring. They need his ability to score.
  4. Melton is a PG, Brooks is mostly a SG. Jackson can play more SF. Dont think 20 minutes+ is impossible. Injuries and ineptitude present a sneaky pick up.
  5. Sold all stock. He's too passive and it seems like when things arent handed to him he slinks back and defers rather than take control. I'll let others deal with the headache
  6. I'm just telling all of you, there is so much untapped potential in this kid. You can teach and groom a player to show adequate offense....much harder to teach and groom defense. Once Frank is either out of NY or Fiz is fired, I think we will see that potential start to be realized.
  7. I believe Denver is one of the top defensive teams so I'm not surprised by his performance. Brooks wont soon be a night in, night out guy but I think he's slowly becoming someone whose good nights outweigh his bad. Gotta take the bad with the good right now but hes no flash in the pan.
  8. What is upside? Like , if a player has produced top 60 numbers consistently through the beginning of the season (i.e. Nunn), does not having "upside" mean won't be top 40? I mean technically then only 40 players have upside or however many ranks "upside" indicates. Nunn is awesome and is earning PT and respect. If he stays put production-wise....who needs upside?
  9. Combo of things. 1. Blow out, 2. Moritz was on fire, and 3. Had the fall. The fall wasn't particularly troublesome to the eye but there was no reason for him to play really.
  10. And? Sometimes guys are in the wrong systems and it takes a few to click. I guess every player who ever excelled in the league excelled every stop along the way and showed from day one they would realize their potential. Plus hes had tough injuries to contend with, which I'm sure might have turned teams off to him. But not everyone who starts out injury prone ends that way.
  11. He's 24, why would they deal a 24 year old potential stud blossoming? Just to have a team full of under 24 year olds? Seems he could be a part of a young core.
  12. Well then he needs to take that opinion to the "More than Bold Predictions for the 2019-2020 Season" forum 😉 Just to keep my post relevant: SGA is a turns in a 10 PG season Pascal does NOT make a leap in value (stays around 45-50) Josh Jackson is traded and thrives Jamal Murray disappoints Ja Morant busts AD misses only 5 games (BOLD!) Zach Collins becomes top 75 while Nurk is on the mend Hawks draft Hunter and Hayes to make the girls go crazy......and make the playoffs Tatum fails to make top 50 and Brown proves a better o
  13. Your opinion is more likely to be wrong than right , therefore it is bold, and thus is belongs here. I predict Zion finds his way into the top 30-50 range.
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