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  1. On 6/15/2021 at 6:28 AM, El_Chingon said:

    Mostert is is there though.  He will get the first shot and run until the wheels fall off, which admittedly they probably will.  Sermon more of a dynasty value unless you hope for a mostert injury.

    He's not even getting first team reps right now, is currently injured, has never been an exclusive first teamer, is set to become a UFA, hasn't ever topped 150 carries and is already 29. You think Sermon is just a dynasty guy?

  2. 3 minutes ago, sickrookie said:

    Too bad this guy’s fantasy value is too short-term.. Bam might be back in a couple of games and his return will diminish Precious’ value. 

    I wouldn't be so sure of that, yeah Bam will be back but this guy could easily up to 25 mins a game and can play next to Bam too. Olynyk won't stay this hot forever we know what he is

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  3. I think he can be a contributor right now. Maybe more of a punt points build but he's getting stocks and doesn't hurt you anywhere and he's efficient too. Plenty of guys like him get ramped up to 25-30 minutes throughout the season, why are they going to keep rolling KCP over him? Don't think they will much longer

  4. 1 hour ago, tazdingo said:

    I was mulling hard whether to pick him up and I literally got out of my bathroom midshower (still covered in soap and shampoo) to pick him up by the end of the 3rd quarter. Felt like the blurb that came out after the game would've let people in my league leave him alone.


    That said, I don't think he'd be doing his teammates any justice by playing as a small ball 5 but would work great as a 4. I've gone through my fair share of players that fall under the "this guy would be great if he just got 20+/30+mpg!!!" but it feels alot more viable for him to become a focal piece in the rotation just because of how atrocious and lackadaisical the rest of the big men on the team look.

    You were watching basketball in the shower? Or just thinking too hard?😂

  5. On 12/14/2020 at 1:29 PM, mattshhh said:

    He's your classic elite scorer with less than elite counting stats who will probably get drafted above his true value due to being an offensive juggernaut who's a thrill to watch. On the other hand, he's missed like 10 games in 3 seasons so his production should be as consistent as anyone's and there's value in that. In the off chance that his epic playoff run translates to upgraded confidence, maybe he goes brad beal on us, but I try to avoid guys early whose value is mostly tied to scoring unless they're extremely efficient. Last year's splits were 45/37/86, which is good but the fg% could easily regress into "not good" territory

    Damn basically a crystal ball

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  6. 1 hour ago, bbythepier said:

    Man, this dude is irritating me. F'ing 19yo Killian Hayes starts and this cat doesn't. "We can't score"  At least Borrego said he might have to take a look at lineups in this 3 min clip. Take Graham/Biyombo out and just TRY smallball with Lamelo & Bridges. No better time than against Atlanta next game with all their 6'9" guys


    Give it 10 games bro. Not gonna be long before they focus on purely player development


  7. Derrick White doesn't average more than 5 rebounds, 5 assists or a single steal a game over his past 3 years and has only averaged over 10 points one time. Sure he's pretty good but why are people assuming Derrick White is gonna just blow up the whole team? 

    Right now Derrick White can take away minutes from Patty Mills, Devin Vassell, Lonnie Walker and even DeMar DeRozan, and I think with this depth it's far from a guarantee that White eclipses 30 mins a night.

  8. 7 hours ago, ROTY said:

    Wasnt that specifically targeting points... which is 1 category? Weird angle 

    Averages less than 6 rebounds, 4 assists, one steal or one block a game and also shot 43 percent from the field including 35 percent from the field from 3, hasn't had 2 3pters a game since 2015. If you don't get points on top of that and you're 32, what are you so excited about?

  9. 2 minutes ago, Bugs bunny said:

    Or White coming back might help Aldridge. Or Poeltl comes off bench again. Murray, White, DeRozan, Keldon, Aldridge. With a stacked bench. Who knows with Pop. 

    Pops going with a small ball lineup because those are the teams that win, hell every team is doing a small ball lineup now. And if they don't win with it LMA is even less valuable to the team. Don't see how a guard coming back helps a 35 year old big man of yesteryear make a statement. 

  10. 1 hour ago, AstroWorld said:

    Just sent 2 offers for this guy:

    1. Bledsoe for Oubre

    2. Kemba Walker & Cameron Johnson for Oubre

    Not sure if to buy low or stay away lol 

    Stay away

    This team has zero chemistry and has a lot to figure out, but it'll happen. They spent 70 mil plus just in luxury taxes alone to get Oubre. He has one of the longest leashes in the league. And he's doing great in the counting stats despite the slump. 4 steals today just won my category which makes up for him killing my fg%. His ceiling is 50 or 60 picks higher that those other guys


    Edit: misread that trade. If you're playing smart owners they're gonna be annoyed you lowballed em that much

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