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  1. CEH and it's not close But Drake is good too
  2. Im gonna go on a limb here and say that he's in the discussion for no. 1 pick next year with McCaffrey
  3. Its only useless if you think he's gonna get the 7th most targets every single year. Which isn't gonna happen. Otherwise it's a useful way to determine that he doesn't score many fantasy points per target.
  4. Facts: -Tyler Boyd had the 7th most targets last year and turned it into the 25th most yards. -Tee Higgins has a 96th percentile college breakout age (18.6 years).
  5. Update: it's the end of the eighth round and hes still there in dynasty. Think I may have to consider pulling the trigger at that price, never seen anything like it before
  6. I always thought it was funny that people expect Mariota to come in and Tannehill someone else, no he's the one who got Tannehill'd and its because hes bad. Don't see how Derek Carr loses out to him, at least Carr can do the basic things.
  7. It sounds a lot like the Mack apologists in this thread (I bet some of yall were in the Jamaal Charles end days threads too!) need to see some Jonathan Taylor highlight reels. Mack can get what's blocked. JT turns good blocking into touchdowns.
  8. Ah yeah. Thanks for the input. If that's the case then I'm definitely not concerned. Ruggs is a low volume receiver who will open up safety attention, and none of the rest of them stand out in any meaningful way. Waller is far and away above Jared Cook for talent and Cook was pretty much consistently a top fantasy producer. So yeah at ADP i still like him better than Ertz (Goedert competition) and Mark Andrews (TD regression). ๐Ÿ‘
  9. Why is everyone here so surprised that hes being drafted around Ertz? He had more fantasy points, had less competition, plays in the most tight end friendly system in the NFL, and seems to be right up there with every other metric you look at to evaluate regression. Less catches and more TDs for 2020? Last time I checked TDs are great things to get from a tight end. Am I missing something?
  10. This guys already fallen to the fifth round in my dynasty startup slowdraft this year. Could fall further.
  11. Boyd was 7th in targets last year and 25th in total yards. Only posted 3 weeks last year as a WR1. I really wouldn't be keeping Boyd in any format
  12. Am I still good payment wise for this team? Already paid for the last one
  13. ah nevermind he wimped out when he saw the roster size
  14. Hey can my friend join too? His email is imm206@gmail.com I promise not to trade with him in case you think I'm team spamming (i'm not).
  15. Hey, I think thats just a link to the homepage. Either Im really dumb or I dont see a button where to join.
  16. How about ghostface๐Ÿ‘ Edit: I'll take any of em tho
  17. Ok sounds good. My email is ztimmons87@gmail.com. would love to get started- id prefer the auction route ๐Ÿ‘
  18. Wait I'm confused. How can you have a fantasy league with 96 teams?
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