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  1. Lol "my role is to get healthy" What a great line
  2. Yeah you don't leave a game for precuationary reasons in a must win matchup like the Seahawks unless you're actually hurt.
  3. I got all your energy but on the other side bro👍 so it'll wash out
  4. He definitely doesn't have a goose egg floor. Late rookie year that's when these guys come out to score points. His floor rn is higher than people think.
  5. Is this guy good enough to run a double TE lineup if you already have another elite guy?
  6. I like Snell cause he's stout and build to the ground with that center of gravity like a polished paperweight top. Thick through the tackles to bust in just North and South. Tree trunk legs and a purpose, not a dancer, just a miniature Tonka truck straight from the scrapyard. Just built for a .500 team with no offensive identity but a great defense.
  7. Man why do the Patriots always draft first round players they have no use for ever? Is it because they're used to drafting without first round picks?
  8. He doesn't suck. He's an astounding runner with the power of marshawn lynch in his prime. He just has incredibly serious flaws everywhere else.
  9. That's still better than Miles Sanders😂
  10. N'Keal Harry Rumor is that Sanu has a high ankle sprain
  11. Hard to keep this guy with Nassir Little on the wire
  12. I think McCaffrey is a DND next year. Too big of a workload to repeat.
  13. This dude's going to jail for at least a few years
  14. The deeper your leagues the more skill based it is. Terry McLaurin wasn't on waivers week 2 in my league and someone held Chubb all season last year. 10 team leagues is basically roulette save from a couple awesome grabs IMO
  15. This guys gonna be a great post hype sleeper whenever they fire Nagy
  16. More power Os to Monty and they'd be 7-4
  17. If the bills had Kamara his rookie year he'd be losing touches to Frank Gore too. What a joke.
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