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  1. Hmm. Ok well I guess I'll hold for now
  2. Lol well just blew $12 on him, looks like that was a waste of money
  3. Lol news is out already. Ain't nobody gonna jump trade for a guy awaiting an xray
  4. I hear if you watched the preseason he's been pretty good, however at times in the past he was pretty bad. Makes you wonder will this be a 1-2 week thing? Or maybe a bounce back year?
  5. Your point is that Batum's been producing for a long time when he gets minutes? He had the worst per 36 in the NBA. Doesn't sound like that's about minutes. Also for a supposed 3 point shooter his 3pm% is atrocious.
  6. https://www.atthehive.com/2019/12/10/21004284/charlotte-hornets-nicolas-batum-is-officially-the-worst-scorer-in-the-nba
  7. He hasn't been genuinely useful in a long time. Looks like week 1 fool's gold to me.
  8. Basically makes up for me taking LaMelo in the 6th
  9. Closing out the fourth, enough to stay encouraged? Day one is tough decisions on the wire.
  10. Pretty low standard you got there😂
  11. If you're going to be comparing Williams to previous draft picks, you should be comparing him to the draft history of Arturas Karnisovas, who has an excellent history of finding draft day steals in his time with the Nuggets. That's why the Bulls poached him. https://pippenainteasy.com/2020/05/13/chicago-bulls-3-best-nba-draft-picks-for-karnisovas-with-the-nuggets/amp/1/
  12. He was great to start the year, really fell off though. It seems like the Heat last year was able to capture lightning in a bottle. Does that happen again? Probably not which means that someone on the Heat is likely to bust. I'm thinking maybe it's Jimmy Butler that busts a bit this year though. We will find out if Nunn is worth owning in the first few weeks. I put him on my bench late in the draft though, 2 rounds after Duncan Robinson
  13. Even if he gets 5 minutes in his first week I'm holding. Preseason stats like his don't just appear. Especially in a COVID year, they're not going to let him linger on the bench.
  14. Espn doesn't add the O tag in the preseason specifically so that you can't stock up on injured players. I wouldn't expect it until game 1.
  15. Oubre can do everything Draymond can do AND score points and he's a lot younger too and he's going later in drafts.
  16. He's already ELITE in steals 1.3 steals in 13 minutes in the bubble. Not a category he can't contribute in. Whoever is "streaming" him isn't gonna be dropping him.
  17. Talen Horton-Tucker worth blowing FAAB money on already. FYI he has a 7'1" wingspan and 9.5 inch hands
  18. Shake Milton is way cheaper and way younger, Doc wants him to be 6th man. Go with him instead
  19. Let's put it this way, I didn't see Anthony Edwards get 10 rebounds
  20. He wasn't a lottery pick because teams were worried about him being an active gang member. His per 36 steal rate of 2.4 steals was 4th in the NBA last year behind Kris Dunn, Matisse Thybulle, and De'Anthony Melton, and he's a lot better on offense than those guys. For people who say he can't shoot, he shot 46 percent from the field. That's supposed to be bad for a guard?
  21. Obi Toppin was the one who really looked good
  22. 5th round picks bust all the time. If Porter Jr. plays out like he might could be a mid 2nd next year.
  23. Handcuffing is not really a thing because a handcuffed player may only get 30-40 percent more opportunity if the guy in front of him gets hurt and likely won't have the same skillet. Plus it's many times a daily league which maximizes minutes from players. But if you wanna grab Dinwiddie he's likely to generate late round value on his own, and if there's a player to handcuff it's Kyrie. Better yet just don't draft Kyrie
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