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  1. 12 career yards. And yet my season is so detailed now I need him.
  2. Yeah I saw that too. I'm gonna hold him until it's official tho
  3. Seeing as Patricia was accused of sexual assault on the first week of the job and told his star player that he sucks another man's --- in a team meeting, I can see why ownership would be cool allowing him to define an early second round pick on a single drop.
  4. I'm in a 14 teamer, I think turf toe could completely tank his value. I wouldn't drop him until I know for sure that's what it is.
  5. I dunno how anyone could have looked at this dude at the start of the fantasy draft and not wanted to reach 3 or 4 rounds on him. He's the most obvious extreme reach target I've ever seen.
  6. Pretty easy scenario, if he has turf toe drop him, if he doesn't he's a hold. Of course we aren't given that information
  7. Something about this year is making every RB with a pulse a super controversial topic
  8. I dunno he looked like a potential redraft fantasy QB1 to me.
  9. Is it all doom and gloom on this guy or is there some room for optimism still? Anyone else agree with me that Diontae Johnson isn't playing as well as his target share would indicate?
  10. At 0-4 your odds of making the playoffs are about 5 percent. Why would you go "down with the ship" so early in the season?
  11. If you're in a 14 team league there aren't plenty of playable WRs. Definitely not a lot of high end WR2s. As far as McCaffrey's ability to bounce back to 100 percent, I don't see the evidence that he will. Take a look at the injury analysis from 20 year orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jesse Morse. He wants no part of McCaffrey for the rest of the year. I definitely trust his opinion on ankle injuries over some of the angry value stuffers on this thread. If you're in a league where you can absolutely fleece someone (like the guy posting above me just did with Zeke) by all mean
  12. With every game the Lions lose, Matt Patricia will be feeling the fire under his a**. 0-4 on a bye week is a perfect time for a firing. This week Swift faces a pass d ranked 27th against RBs in half PPR. With an almost guaranteed negative game script to help the passing back. If Swift doesn't take over this backfield almost immediately, someone will do it for Patricia instead.
  13. I've been playing for 20 years. Doesn't sound like you know anything about a high ankle sprain and that you can't do math and realize what percentage of a season 4-6 weeks is. Go ahead and offer a trade for more than Juju and see how dumb your other league mates are not accepting.
  14. I would say that is out of the realm of possibilities unless you're in a dynasty league. I just moved him for Juju and I think that's a great value. Saquon came back after 3 weeks last year and wasn't even a top 20 rb, Kamara played all season last year and was barely startable. You're talking about a guy that won't come back until week 8 unless he's lucky.
  15. Is he even worth an add? I'm not sure and I'm in a 14 teamer with D'Andre Swift
  16. If I could guarantee that CMC would return to full production upon return I'd agree with you completely. What happens when he comes back and runs slow out the gate? Then he's untradeable. And you just waited a month or more to unload him. Also depends on league size, I play in a 14 teamers and DK or McLaurin is a consistent start in a lineup that now has a giant hole in it. But I am still on the fence about trading him too. One thing is for sure, last year's production ain't happening this year so it's time to reset the market on him.
  17. I don't think anyone's giving up an RB1 for an RB with a high ankle sprain. Maybe the best move is to wait 2 weeks and then get some news about how rehab is going well and try to ship him out then. If you're 2-0 maybe even try to wait it out, but it's the return that has me worried and the fear of a 2019 Kamara-like season. Then again could be a 2019 Saquon-like recovery too.
  18. As in CMC is better than a wr2 ROS? Or the other way around?
  19. What would the trade value be at this point do y'all think? Something like DK Metcalf or Terry McLaurin maybe?
  20. Yes but that will be offset and then some by increased targets.
  21. Of course he has a week 13 bye, not like I'll be trying to squeak by in the playoffs or anything that week
  22. I'm not picking this guy up, I refuse to start him in place of Mccaffrey. It's just too ugly to watch.
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