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  1. Lol if only our one source didnt look like such a doofus. you think this guy has 'moles'?
  2. Im thinking if youre in the high waiver boat like i am hes the one worth a gamble unless of course you think pitta can save your season
  3. Whos starting him week 2? or is he more of a bench and see guy?
  4. I have a friend who said he knew rotoworld's josh norris in college. Said that josh norris applied for the job and projected an entire first round of the nfl draft with only 3 mistakes. If you can do that i say sent in an application.
  5. I expect taillon to get the callup first... But this guy will have more fantasy value regardless. I dont see why you wouldnt pick them both up, they should both be up by super two at the latest and glasnow has less threat of innings limits
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