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  1. You know there's a panic in the building when we're pulling 3 year old tweets😂
  2. Lol. He lost you your league last year, he's gonna lose you your league this year since he was a 3rd round pick. You're the one that's mad you drafted him I wouldn't have even considered it
  3. James Conner is definitely a league loser, he's done it multiple times
  4. He looked alright, not really good in the second half after making 3 or 4 terrible mistakes. No doubt the target share is there. I'm just not seeing the skill behind this hype. And I remember a lot of ugly mistakes from last year too.
  5. You guys talking bout the same Diontae Johnson that played the other night? He looked like ****.
  6. I have him, I'm starting him, but I'll be honest I just don't like this guy. He looks like Johnny Manziel made a disguise to get back in the league.
  7. Uh yeah I'm holding for sure. He looked like the best wr on the team and it wasn't close. Washington is awful and Diontae Johnson is one bad game away from losing his starting role too. Claypool can find an inch wide seam out of bounds and turn it into a big grab, and has the toughness to block too.
  8. Underrated after week 1? I like him a lot better than Gronk. He's to athletic and talented to be worthless forever right?
  9. Jump off the ledge. Kirk hasn't helped anyone's fantasy team ever.
  10. He was subbed out on a lot of packages, but he still got 7 targets. I don't really care if he's in there to block.
  11. Just out of curiosity, what would it take to get you to be worried about something?
  12. I guess it depends on the size of your league, in 14 teamers he's definitely not droppable. But yeah I wouldn't be rushing to buy low either
  13. Tom Brady is washed. He looked awful, he looked awful last year. He's 43. So this insane upside for all these players that were massively overhyped needs to fall down to earth. Fournette hasn't shown anything in this league except the ability to receive volume, and he hasn't even been able to do that without major injury. The oline isn't anything special, they have 4 different backs to rotate through, and the market values Fournette at 2 million. That's not great money. Is Fournette droppable? Of course not. But he's not anything more than an RB4 until further notice. So far he's ave
  14. You should really check the second half of last year's stats. He was consistently studly. He had a great floor last year, started off slow because he was a second year TE and then really picked up the pace. Virtually never put up a bad line. Third year TE at 25 finally putting his ceiling together and outpacing the TE that couldn't get a new contract? Not sure how you would have more of a lock for a future stud than that.
  15. Look at the Lions upcoming schedule. They could legit go 0-4. You think Patricia lasts through the bye if they do that? I thought the usage was great. Great snap count. Sure he missed the big play but it's not like it was a gimme catch. As long as you aren't relying solely on Swift as your RB2 with no backup plan, I'm not worried at all. I thought he would be used much less then he actually did today.
  16. You're calling yourself Matthew Berry and you took ingram over dobbins?
  17. Yeah it's true. I bet people will ignore him all year too.
  18. It also has to do with contract negotiations, 1st round rookie backs not only get paid more but then demand more for their second contracts. And the record on second contracts is not great in terms of WAR
  19. Yeah I doubt Ronald Jones could fetch a 6th either
  20. Yeah don't talk about him until Wednesday
  21. Mack was a very good sport. That's gotta earn him a committee job somewhere next year
  22. Akers will win out, but the gap between him and guys like D'Andre Swift isn't there anymore
  23. The fact that Fournette had to take a 50 percent pay cut should tell you that nobody was willing to give up picks to pay twice his current salary.
  24. Let's put it this way, if you aren't looking for players to ride hard down the stretch, you're doing it wrong
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