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  1. Is he even worth an add? I'm not sure and I'm in a 14 teamer with D'Andre Swift
  2. If I could guarantee that CMC would return to full production upon return I'd agree with you completely. What happens when he comes back and runs slow out the gate? Then he's untradeable. And you just waited a month or more to unload him. Also depends on league size, I play in a 14 teamers and DK or McLaurin is a consistent start in a lineup that now has a giant hole in it. But I am still on the fence about trading him too. One thing is for sure, last year's production ain't happening this year so it's time to reset the market on him.
  3. I don't think anyone's giving up an RB1 for an RB with a high ankle sprain. Maybe the best move is to wait 2 weeks and then get some news about how rehab is going well and try to ship him out then. If you're 2-0 maybe even try to wait it out, but it's the return that has me worried and the fear of a 2019 Kamara-like season. Then again could be a 2019 Saquon-like recovery too.
  4. As in CMC is better than a wr2 ROS? Or the other way around?
  5. What would the trade value be at this point do y'all think? Something like DK Metcalf or Terry McLaurin maybe?
  6. Yes but that will be offset and then some by increased targets.
  7. Of course he has a week 13 bye, not like I'll be trying to squeak by in the playoffs or anything that week
  8. I'm not picking this guy up, I refuse to start him in place of Mccaffrey. It's just too ugly to watch.
  9. You didn't get the TD but other than that surprisingly accurate 👍
  10. Younghoe was on pace for almost 200 points last year second half of the season in half PPR. He's on pace for 208 this year
  11. This is why you don't make your league mates perform embarrassing tasks when they come in last place.
  12. He had three catches. You don't sound like much an expert.
  13. Claypool has only 22 fewer yards on 21% of Diontae Johnson's targets and also hasn't lost an ugly fumble, and you think your target distribution will stay that way the entire year if that trend continues? Maybe you should have read a little more about what the coaching staff said about Claypool. https://www.si.com/nfl/steelers/news/steelers-chase-claypool-play
  14. You were the guy raving about Antonio Brown 3 years ago when Juju was still on waivers. I watch the games on my phone in high definition and I'm seeing in Chase Claypool an extremely high QB rating when targeted. On a team with a less established pecking order than you think.
  15. You think this guy isn't better than JuJu and Diontae? Let's see some analytics to prove it. Steelers aren't going to keep feeding their other WRs if this guy makes a big play every time he's called on.
  16. Don't need any contingencies at all to make this guy a fantasy WR2 right now. He makes the best plays on the team and is doing everything he can to be this teams alpha by midseason.
  17. What happened to mccaffrey? Says he's questionable to return with an ankle?
  18. Half PPR where it's at. A catch shouldn't count for 10 yards. But also just getting fed pure volume runs all day isn't an accurate barometer of talent.
  19. Or you could pick Scotty and not abuse animals.
  20. Jk Dobbins is definitely a league winner. He only got 22 yards because his big runs were into the end zone. Looks like he has the goal line work too. Why don't you compare him to the other rookie running backs. Are they all going to be bad because they didn't get workhorse numbers out the gate? Or maybe you don't remember Mark Ingram in front of Kamara before he was pushed out? Took Kamara until week 4.
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