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  1. I can tell a lot of you guys are already salty about the prospect of missing out of him on waivers.... Definitely gonna have to try and grab him then
  2. Percy Harvin did just fine doubling on kick and punt returns. What a silly argument that taking those delays an offensive breakout.
  3. Andy Dalton threw for almost 3500 yards last year while missing 3 games. That's over a 4000 yard pace easy. Is Burrow worse than Andy Dalton with a better o-line and AJ Green back?
  4. Maybe Gibson is better, but you will definitely be content if you keep Moss. Check out the work that Frank Gore was getting before he proved that he couldn't get 20 yards a game. Was getting 15 carries a game easy. Gore was getting the goal line looks like crazy too. Moss could get double digit tds.
  5. You realize that Cam didn't play last year right?
  6. I guess nobody remembers the fact that Ingram didn't stop Kamara.
  7. Ey bro looks like the draft time postponed automatically cuz of one person not signed in yet. Any updates?
  8. Cool final question then I'll pay If we don't fill this by tonight are we rescheduling for a Sunday or a Monday? I work on Saturdays and won't be able to make it
  9. Please allow me to take my victory lap before the first snap of the season😎
  10. Sanu didn't top 35 yards once since joining the Patriots.
  11. Sanu is not a 2nd round talent. Never has been, and was terrible with the Patriots.
  12. So Mack is bad right? And Taylor is good?
  13. Has anyone ruled out the possibility that Dalvin's shoulder is still hurting him and that this holdout is an attempt to keep this info away from the team doctors?
  14. Zeke played because he got his deal. MG wasn't a guy you wanted to have at any point throughout the year. Since it's highly unlikely Cook gets the money he wants, seems smart to fade him
  15. Generally speaking, being easily droppable doesn't count as a quality for a fantasy player in my book.
  16. Pretty good. Not bold enough really I can see almost all of these hitting. Except Waller man people seem to hate him for some reason I have no clue why
  17. Furthest thing from injury prone would be getting in a full year. Thielen's injuries last year were soft tissue injuries, he tried to come back and reaggrivated them. You're right not totally injury prone, but I can name quite a few players that have spent the last several seasons playing all 16. But even then, he's put up 2 out of 6 seasons over 1000 yards. Averaged less than 6 touchdowns per year. Never passed 10 touchdowns once. 4 consecutive years of declining Y/Tgt. Age 29 isn't quite over the hill, but it's past the receiver peak of 26 or 27 where declines start to set in. The idea
  18. Is that the best scenario that he's the WR2? I highly doubt you can make the argument that he's the WR3. Wouldn't take much to make him the WR1 either. Thielen is old and couldn't even get through half the year last year. What if the team has a down year and misses the playoffs?
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