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  1. YPC is a skewed stat for RBs in general. It tells you some things, but can be swayed greatly by oline strength. Yards after contact is a different story. Mack was not great in yards after contact.
  2. Hmm yeah, maybe the "feeding the family" thing is a bit hyperbolic. He gets paid 1.3 million this year. How much did Melvin Gordon make with the Broncos? 8 million per? What about LeVeon Bell? 4 years, 52 million? Of course Bell won't see all that. But he's at 20 million plus through two years. What are Cook's odds of another serious injury? I'd have to imagine they're high enough to make that 1.3 million a sound gamble. Really the gamble for him would be taking that 1.3 million and risking the potential second contract that may never come. And it sounds like he and his agent
  3. I think a Cook holdout makes perfect sense. One more major injury and he's Derrius Guice. Bad knee, bad shoulder, runs like Marshawn, got a guy who runs like Marshawn right behind him. He'll likely never play 16 games. Not behind a great oline. Crazy good RB UFA group next year, and that's not even including rookies. If anyone's value could fluctuate more in 12 months it's him. I'm sure he wants to be able to feed his family for life. And if he holds out all year he"ll get enough money from SOME team that'll let him do that.
  4. Yeah, that'll get you sometimes. But drafting Cook should have been seen as an obvious thing to not do. So many red flags is not even funny. If you can target high upside guys behind these risky situations, like Mattison, drafting in May is great. Plus you get to draft rookies in the fourth or fifth round that can slide up to borderline first rounders by September.
  5. I don't think Cook will play this year at all. guys like this are why I draft in May.
  6. Talk about a guy who needs to be at training camp...
  7. Wayne Gallman was actually drafted 3 picks before Marlon Mack in the 2017 draft. If you threw Gallman behind the Colts oline in a feature role he'd do a lot better than you think.
  8. Tim Tebow was a valuable fantasy player
  9. Mack's more than "marginally' talented, but he's not three consecutive college seasons of 2,000 plus yards talented. He's not 99th percentile height adjusted speed score talented. Mack's just a good all-around back and I'm sure when his contract is not renewed he's going to have a shot at competing for a starting role for another team. But it's not going to be enough to stop Jonathan Taylor even right out the gates.
  10. If the salary cap declines in 2021 like is being reported I think Mixon's odds of holding out go way up
  11. In Dynasty I don't see Minshew getting replaced next year. He led the Jags to a 6-6 record under center, I don't think they're going to be in the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes. Teams I predict will be worse: Jets, Chargers, Lions, Bears, Giants
  12. 5th round pick for the Bears, currently behind Ted Ginn Jr. for the slot but I have a feeling it won't stay that way, assuming Anthony Miller lines up more outside. Very small frame but a shifty, speedy performer with great change of direction and good playerprofiler metrics (92nd percent breakout age, 72nd percent College Dominator, 96th percentage 40 time at 4.38.) Foles will be the starter IMO without a doubt. I don't have Foles 2019 target distribution metrics, but before then he targeted slot receivers at the 6th highest rate in the league. Can he be the WR version of Tarik
  13. Yup I was, just got called "ridiculous" for it tho
  14. Just personally not a huge fan of his career arc at the moment, age 30 entering a season with added defensive focus, first season not staying healthy, new offensive coordinator and I personally think Jefferson will be better in year one than Diggs was last year. I also get a little wary of guys who had to spend 5 or so years climbing up to WR1 status and then have setbacks. If they were truly outstanding athletes they wouldn't be so reliant on mastering the craft and the technique and they'd be busting out early on. I feel like those guys have more of a cliff than the elite performers who
  15. His replacements name is Raymond Calais. RoJo-Vaughn 1A and B Calais 3 Dare not making the team
  16. Guys flying under the radar that aren't young or sexy rarely finish as WR1s.
  17. Who is left as a goal line RB that could pose a threat though? Maybe a last minute training camp cut but other than that there isn't much to threaten Sanders right now.
  18. They didn't sign Hyde. Doesn't look like they'll sign Devonta Freeman. Who else is left that's remotely threatening?
  19. I was able to steal Mattison from a cuffer last year and literally traded him for the Bills defense, thought I was super smart grabbing Mike Boone for the Superbowl. Turns out that wasn't smart at all.
  20. History of Chiefs RB forum flames: Thomas Jones v. Jamaal Charles Jamaal Charles v. Spencer Ware Spencer Ware v. Kareem Hunt Damien Williams v. Nobody Damien Williams v. Clyde Edwards-Helaire Challenger won every time
  21. Andy Reid doesn't have a history of wasting RB talent. Quite the opposite, he has a history of creating elite RB1s with high catch totals. He was only forced to use a committee recently because he had little choice with the lack of talent on the roster. Before DW was on the Chiefs, he hadn't had a single season averaging over 4 yards per carry. DW has only one season with more than 50 rushing attempts in a 6 year career. He's started only 13 of 85 career games, including only 9 of 27 for the Chiefs. Was an afterthought on the offense until Kareem Hunt was cut, Kareem Hunt who was drafted
  22. He got a bargain basement contract because he's not a good player
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