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  1. So, does the fact that this is a hip issue concern anyone more than like a hamstring or foot or something? Makes me think of Odell last year which wasn't the best situation
  2. If you get JT though, that means all of your league mates are on the sidelines.
  3. It's the post week 1 trades that hurt the most. I traded away breakout Arian Foster for Fitzgerald in a down year and then followed that up by trading breakout Alfred Morris for Justin Blackmon.
  4. No it's not. That's a 3 game sample size. I heard that same argument for Damien Williams beating out Edwards-Helaire. Sammy Watkins has been a bust since 2014 with only one 1,000 yard season. I've never seen a player break out the year after accepting less money than he was supposed to make. Hardman's a second year receiver who, again, was PFFs no. 1 receiver in the NFL when targeted last year, as a rookie. That was due to his 2.02 yards of separation per target (that's over 6 feet of separation). But if it's sources predicting Hardman's usage you need, there's no shortage of them. 3 links in this page alone. https://www.si.com/nfl/chiefs/gm-report/is-mecole-hardman-a-fantasy-football-sleeper Edit: by the way, he wasn't just number one when targeted. He was number one by a larger margin than number 2 was from number 10. 1. Mecole Hardman 153.9 2. Marquise Brown 134.4 3. Adam Thielen 131.9 4. A.J. Brown 127.6 5. Tyler Lockett 127.0 6. Kenny Stills 126.4 7. Michael Thomas 123.3 8. Chris Godwin 121.7 9. Kendrick Bourne 121.1 10. Deebo Samuel 120.2
  5. You generally don't see those indications until they happen, especially this year. Hardman was PFF's no. 1 receiver when targeted. That's a stat that tends to indicate an increase in usage. Meanwhile Sammy Watkins had to rework his deal for less money to stay on the team.
  6. I think this list would be a whole lot more predictive if you included Mahomes, Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson in there. I know they don't fit the rules you set but they're on the talent level of Burrow whereas some of these guys looked like total head scratchers in retrospect.
  7. I see a lot of people comparing every Wisconsin RB to Montee Ball, and yet they don't ever compare Alabama RBs to Trent Richardson🤔
  8. You know they've been in camp for a month right? They didn't just walk on in from the street yesterday. You know the defense also hasn't had a full camp?
  9. How about 6,581 all purpose yards from JT in 3 years? That's 6th all time for rush yards in FBS history and the only one above him that did it in less than 4 years was Ricky Williams. How about 6.7 YPC in the Big Ten versus 6.2 for Marlon Mack in the American conference? Maybe JT's 21 touchdowns last year would tell you something. What about JT being sandwiched in between Derrick Henry and LaDanian Tomlinson for the single season rush record? Or the second round draft pedigree in an era where the best free agent crop of RBs maybe of all time is approaching. Of course Marlon Mack can take the Colts to 7-9, maybe that's good enough.
  10. Mack's 4.4 YPC on this oline is like a 3.9 somewhere else. The idea that JT can't run laps around this kid is crazy. Y'all gonna be so impatient by week 3 that you throw a top 5 talent out the window for peanuts.
  11. Amari Cooper's gonna be drawing Jalen Ramsey in week one while hobbled. I'm rolling out CeeDee already.
  12. It's not really a jab. Just that the idea that someone "can't see" a Qb1 performance from the top passer in college history, when there's been a major rookie or redshirt sophomore breakout every year for the past half decade, is not an take I understand.
  13. Let me guess, you didn't see kyler murray or deshaun watson either
  14. I can tell a lot of you guys are already salty about the prospect of missing out of him on waivers.... Definitely gonna have to try and grab him then
  15. Percy Harvin did just fine doubling on kick and punt returns. What a silly argument that taking those delays an offensive breakout.
  16. Andy Dalton threw for almost 3500 yards last year while missing 3 games. That's over a 4000 yard pace easy. Is Burrow worse than Andy Dalton with a better o-line and AJ Green back?
  17. Maybe Gibson is better, but you will definitely be content if you keep Moss. Check out the work that Frank Gore was getting before he proved that he couldn't get 20 yards a game. Was getting 15 carries a game easy. Gore was getting the goal line looks like crazy too. Moss could get double digit tds.
  18. You realize that Cam didn't play last year right?
  19. I guess nobody remembers the fact that Ingram didn't stop Kamara.
  20. Ey bro looks like the draft time postponed automatically cuz of one person not signed in yet. Any updates?
  21. Cool final question then I'll pay If we don't fill this by tonight are we rescheduling for a Sunday or a Monday? I work on Saturdays and won't be able to make it
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