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  1. He def got his juju right during that break. Been balling and relatively consistent recently too.
  2. Seriously, is this guy the most slept on player currently in 12 teamers? You check the vanderbilt/mcdaniels/noel threads and it’s always active but yet a dude like Tate whose been killing it...and with now with a much brighter outlook for ros (cousins Gone/PJ likely gone/Even rumblings of Dipo being shipped)...just 3 pages and barely sign of life lol. I def don’t mind certain players flying under the radar, but am I missing something?
  3. Low 70s college avg, so def ain’t pretty, but hopefully not crippling.
  4. PGs who don’t kill your pg super hard to find on ww...gonna add first ask questions later hah
  5. Towns will be going offfffff soon. Win or lose going forward the coach will want to establish a winning system/culture for upcoming seasons, dude is gonna get all the usage in the world. No more Beasley hogging shots in the 4...Towns will BE the system. Oh man....if buddy was regretting and playing mental gymnastic before....now he’s must be really going crazy By the end of the season buddy will be rocking his head against a padded room wall chanting “Bam is better then KAT...bam is better then KAT...” 😆
  6. Looking agile. Silver lining to these upper body injuries is sometimes they can still get cardio work in.
  7. I seen him lurking this thread earlier lol Atleast come in and welcome the energy you invited. You can’t show up and gloat after a gd Bam game next time if you don’t come collect your lumps today.
  8. Damn...this basically would seal his fate 😕 Trajectory is wayyyy too risky and mulky...even more then before. Went from buy low, to run fast....in opposite direction. Even if they missed out on Drummond, would there be any other suitable bigs as second options? Feels like there would be multiple bullets to dodge before trade deadline.
  9. I don’t know what he’s gonna offer long term. But b2bs starting off on a Tuesday this wk is enough for a flier stream, everything else would be icing in the cake lol
  10. You clearly don’t feel happy with Bam, otherwise u wouldn’t be constantly back here to reassure yourself....but guess even that isn’t working out for you
  11. Really cute you only show up on bad games. But 20/10/3blks for a bad game though....take that any day.
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