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  1. I’m locked for playoffs and don’t even really need a center and I made the add right away when I heard he’s Toronto bounded. I think there’s potentially too much value being left on the table, add now and figure it out later is my motto in mantra in fantasy lol. Raptors have been horrific on the front courts all season and Birch flashed a lot of potential anytime he was given playtime this year so far.
  2. He plays Tues/thurs/Saturday this wk, these are all prime days with very low games. A gd wk to evaluate the situation, if he stinks the next two games up or it’s simply looking like it won’t work out, drop and stream for the weekend.
  3. Basically a 20/20 game at the half...who does this?!!!
  4. Even though I love the big line here. Was kinda irked that Ball is out. Wanted to use these two b2bs games to evaluate their line up with everyone healthy.
  5. bump drop who u think we’re 16/20 team winners after today
  6. I’m not sure. Might keep for couple games to see where they stand after the smoke clears
  7. Looks like Lonzo is staying 😕 reddick gone though, NAW stashers, how we feeling
  8. Nah. He’s right and this was def well anticipated. A trade or Hayes was gonna inevitable dent his value. On a crappy rebuilding team a guy like Wright doesn’t have a high chance of staying full season, been sneaking sell high offers for weeks now, but ppl seem to be wary, and I guess they were right to be here
  9. I’m not overthinking it. If Hield isn’t gone. No way Hali wouldn’t take a slight hit
  10. No doubt Hali gonna get his. Just annoyed that those 36-38 mins games may now potentially be capped at 30-32 😕 So max upside may not be seen this yr. Wright is way better upgrade over Joseph, if Hield isn’t traded as well, he will inevitably siphon a few mins from Hali.
  11. Wright is now in town...how do Hali owner feeling about this 😕 We still got Hield to watch for at the deadline too...but damn, not thrilled about this
  12. Damn as a Wright and Haliburton owner...this sucks a**
  13. My fellow 16 and 20 team leaguers. Who are some guys you might be looking to stash? Feels like all the standard league stashes mentioned around here wouldn’t apply to us (already owned) I got my eye on: Sterling Brown - Houston trades? Malachi Flynn - Lowry/Powell trade Ty Jerome - Been playing extremely well. If OKC moves pieces around maybe he get some consistency? Okeke - AG trade
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