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  1. What do you do for their upcoming 2 game week?
  2. Best case scenario is false positive and he comes back next week. Worst case, we going into next week with no Lavine...
  3. Even given minutes he will disappoint. He just sucks in the Bulls offense because he doesn't have any playmaking abilities.
  4. Yea if no good game tonight I plan to use his spot for a streamer with some of the B2B games coming up. Gotta close the week strong!
  5. Raps can make a run for sure but I think the Raps really want their draft pick this year. Incoming tanking is in the horizon.
  6. Been saying it in the Flynn thread, Raps have no incentive to make the playoffs this year. These random rest days will continue I bet.
  7. Please don't take my word for it since you are in a weekly league but I was under the assumption Sunday was a rest day under the guise of a "sore hip."
  8. There are some indications that FVV and Lowry will get less action. At the moment Raps are resting their main core left and right. The chances of Raps to throw in the towel is getting greater by the day I would say.
  9. Yea I just don't get what Wall is trying to accomplish. I feel like the team plays better without him.
  10. Looks like Raps might actually throw in the towel, Flynn will be unleashed if that happens. Masai wants that first rd pick.
  11. This isn't an Okeke thread but I'll take a flier on him. Wire is thin in 12T leagues
  12. Yep, he will take the PG role and play next to SGA. George Hill was shipped out. Ty will be the backup PG
  13. In terms of fit I think he is Magic's future PG. Hampton is most likely going to slide into the SG spot.
  14. Nice to hear everyone's perspective. Guess the Flynn train can end anytime.
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