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  1. Tough stuff, I guess I’d go Wilson since you have to decide now, my guess is Gibson doesn’t play a full game so I wouldn’t bet on that thanks for the help on mine!
  2. I’m in a similar position (stupid Saturday games making the final stressful) I’d def go Taylor, then probably Wilson to be safe
  3. I like bell the most as the feature back tbh. Would rank the RB’s bell, hunt, wilson
  4. If Zeke is out go pollard, otherwise stay put
  5. I think if do Wilson and Gibson if Gibson plays, if mot maybe Landry
  6. Ok guys, made it to my league finals, rules are as follows: 10 team .5 ppr, 1 qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1 superflex, 2 flex, te, d, k Here is who I have starting now: QB: Herbert RB's: Montgomery, Kamara WR's: Allen, Woods TE: Andrews Flex's: M. Sanders, A. Robinson Superflex: L. Jackson K: Butker D : Bears Bench: RB's: Lat Murr, J. Wilson, Henderson, Gibson WR's: Golladay, R. Gage Allen + Robinson are questionable to play but will be game time decisions tomorrow. Wilson plays in about an hour
  7. So hard to sit Wilson in the finals, but that being said I'd probably take the shot on Trubisky? If the rams game is more of a shootout then I could see Russ blowing up though
  8. I think that is right, but I'd flirt with starting Gibson over Wilson or Drake
  9. Kittle if he plays If Kittle is out and A Smith is in then Thomas If Kittle and A Smith are out then Tonyan
  10. I'd probably lean Lockett? Wilson seems like the safest play and Lockett has more upside in a shootout
  11. I'd go with Lamar, hes been awesome lately and hope he continues to do so. I'd start with confidence!
  12. With those options I'd go Russ, he can still cook if its a shootout. I think hes much better than brees and mayfield as an option
  13. Higgins probably Ben has been super bad the last few games
  14. yes if zeke is out I'd go Pollard 100%
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