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  1. Godwin goes without saying. He ruined a lot of fantasy dreams this year. I'd also like to nominate the Carolina DST for making Drew Lock turn into Joe Montana this week.
  2. Loving all these Gibson dumpoffs. God bless noodle-armed Alex Smith.
  3. Fox cranks a lot of Dead heading into commercials during sporting events. A little Saint of Circumstance after the Cooper TD. 😎
  4. I needed 30 from Wentz and Cooper and felt pretty optimistic. How wrong I was. At least it'll be a no-stress second half.
  5. Dak in a wheelchair hopped up on painkillers can't be any worse than this loser. Jesus Christ. RIP Amari Cooper.
  6. SMASH START Wince is going to screw a lot of owners tonight.
  7. Devante Adams is making my @ss bleed. I've had enough. Please stop. And I'm going to rage drop Rodrigo Blankenship so fast that prick's glasses are going to go flying through the air. Might even set my alarm for Tuesday morning just to do so.
  8. Shanny might pull a Jeff Wilson with Coleman and run the sh*t out of him straight off the IR, then just move on to the next RB after he's hurt again. I've got Hasty and Coleman and have no idea what to do. Watch it be a McKinnon game just to screw everyone over. See you guys in the Vent thread Sunday night.
  9. I need a waiver wire starter this week and I'm making this guy my top claim, although I'm expecting the OBJ owner to get him. The matchup against the Raiders looks nice enough to throw a dart with Peoples-Jones too if you're in a real bind.
  10. Does Baldinger still host a show? I loved the AFC and NFC Playbooks with him and Sterling Sharpe on NFL Network. No fluff, no fantasy talk, just hardcore film breakdown. Although I could do without the constant motioning with that mangled finger 😩
  11. The Edmonds owner in my league was trying to trade him to me before the cart got off the field. I'd been a Drake truther, but he looked bad tonight. He bobbled a simple pass for a short gain and totally d*ckfingered a screen pass that anyone on this board could've caught. I drafted him hoping he'd become more a pass-catcher but he looks to have hands of stone. I don't know if Edmonds can handle a bellcow load but he's probably a better fit for the offense. I felt bad seeing Drake crying. Hopefully it's not a season-ender.
  12. DiNucci came in and Cooper immediately got a 32 yard catch. No one's going to want any part of this passing offense right now in a trade. Pretty much have to play Cooper unless you have other options and hope they develop some kind of chemistry. McCarthy called out the players for not coming to Dalton's defense after the hit. This team is coming apart at the seams.
  13. I know. I enjoyed the fruits of Kenyan Drake's game last week. Just thought McKissic would get a ton of work and Barber was getting a few carries too. It'll come back to haunt me.
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