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  1. Could you send me details on what site we're playing and when we'll be drafting at wheyen33@gmail.com ?
  2. Could you let me know via email what the timing for the draft is (date and slow/live?) thanks, wheyen33@gmail.com Would have Jags interest probably
  3. How close are we to drafting? Email me further info wheyen33@gmail.com
  4. Could you email me? I'd like to know what types of things are in place to avoid disadvantaging owners that take lesser NFL teams? wheyen33@gmail.com please include the open teams in the email, too
  5. You said email you but I don’t see your email. Send info to wheyen33@gmail.com
  6. Interested, could you email me details quick before invite? I'd be picking 15 keepers from the guys on that roster right now? wheyen33@gmail.com , and any other scoring, payout info you can provide... and weekly/daily, any other relevant stuff
  7. Could you explain to me if there’s six teams on each side or twelve, and why it’s set up as is? Wheyen33@gmail.com
  8. Could you email me when the team selection will be happening? And then answer the following: Once teams are selected, all season I basically move guys around from those teams? If a guy in real life is traded away from one of my teams, does he go away from my fantasy team and vice versa? wheyen33@gmail.com
  9. Could you email and let me know if there's any keeper element or monetary entry element to the league? Thanks, wheyen33@gmail.com
  10. would be interested in the above team wheyen33@gmail.com
  11. Could you send me full roster and let me know the offseason timeline once I conceptually join? wheyen33@gmail.com
  12. Send me any other info about how close to full and when you think the slow draft will start, wheyen33@gmail.com
  13. Is there a roster I'd be taking over? wheyen33@gmail.com
  14. Some interest. Could you email me the following: When would the draft begin? And when you say "rookies" do you mean minor leaguers? wheyen33@gmail.com
  15. That team looks pretty good for a 30 team league, don't ya think? Could you give me some thoughts on that team in relation to the rest of the league? Also, are rookies part of the slow draft and they just didn't pick them or that draft is happening separately? wheyen33@gmail.com
  16. I've got some interest. Could you tell me website and what the offseason timeline looks like? wheyen33@gmail.com along with picks in rookie draft
  17. I'm interested but would want a look at the full structure of what makes this college-y wheyen33@gmail.com
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